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Question about tetras


finding my way again !
i had my first ever tetra today ( didn't have them last time). Asit school hols thought they'd be handy to have on me.
Well 1 1/2hrs after ihad it i had awful stomach cramps & had to runto the loo (sorry if TMI)
My question is, has anyone else experienced this? Not sure if i should have the other ones i have.
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Did you have some extra water with the Tetra, as they are more concentrated the minerals can upset your tummy and you need to have a big glass of water with them.

Hello, The tetra's are alot more concentrate then the sachets and this can be to heavy for some sensitive stomach's. I would suggest that you drink extra water with these as this does help.:)


finding my way again !
yeah i had 500mls water at the same time as having it. To be honest it did me a favour otherwise it was going to a laxative tonight, IYKWIM :eek:
hey - agree with Georgie....s'posed to have an extra half pint of water with tetras (or bars) cos they are very concentrated.....maybe that would help........:rolleyes:

hope you feel better soon......

Debz xx
yeah i had 500mls water at the same time as having it. To be honest it did me a favour otherwise it was going to a laxative tonight, IYKWIM :eek:

PMSL, "Tetras the Cambridge Dieters friendly Laxative" it could catch on!!

Hey hun, as i said earlier i dont have the loo issues with them... however thinking about all of this it maybe explains why they I have been feeling dodgy about tetras lately- everytime i have one i feel rubbish after and just wish I hadnt bothered- but i havent been drinking the water- and i think this may well be why!

I reckon mayb give it a few days and see how you go- just make sure ur near the loo at the time! Oooh Cheryl also ru free on May 18th (its a Sunday)? I have an invitation to the Olympia Beauty event in London (its free for me and a guest- normal cost is £15 i think and u have to be in the industry to go). Was wondering if u fancied coming with me as we live fairly near, could both do with some pampering, and by May 18th we will both hopefully have got a couple of stone off and could treat ourselves!

Theres loads of freebies and you can try out all these different beauty treatments for free. You can also buy stuff there that isnt available in UK shops and its heavily discounted... a girls dream!! So if you fancy it let me know and I will reply to the invite!

lol !!

usually bars that cause....erm.....problems in the toilet department.....

not had anyone with 'tetra' difficulties........:rolleyes:

keep gluggin the water....and (hopefully) things will sort themselves out......!

Debz xx
I have a tetra a day, and at least 1 poo a day! I shall keep it up if it's helping in the toilet department!!!! LOL! xx
it was only a one off & i feel fine now, hope the scales show it as favourable tommorrow too hehe

lol !! hope so.......lookin forward to hearing your good news tomorrow....


Debz xx


Totally Focused
I always feel quite hungry after a tetra. I have a mouthful of tetra and then of water as I do with the bars - and usually have about 500mls of water with them, but need my next shake sooner as I get rumbly tum however much water I drink. I don't get it with the bars or the shakes!

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