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Question about the Bars...

Hi everyone!
Just wondered if I cut out my peanut bar everyday and replace it with a shake will that help speed up the weight loss?

Someone told me that if you only have shakes you'll lose more...just hoped someone could tell me if this is true or not?
(I only have Chocolate shakes as I don't like anything else)

Kelly x x
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Can hug her knees :)
I don't know the correct answer but they do say bars can slow down your losses, so I guess it will work the other way that if you take them out of your diet it may speed up a bit xx
I have a bar every day and on my 13th weigh in i lost 6lb this week so i dont think they actually make much difference as long as you drink the extra 250ml of water recommended.


please try again
your only on week 2 right? erm your not meant to have them till after week 2 as its slightly higher in carbs.

i only have a bar every once in a while as im carb sensitive so it does slow things down for me but peanut are lower in carbs than the chewier bars
Hi ya,
Yeah I'm on week two (AGAIN!!) I think as I've been on and off for a while my cdc doesn't see it as my 1st week.
I'm going to try and give them a miss this week and see how I go!
I have my WI on Thursday this week so I'll know then!
Thanks for the replies girls
x x x


Can hug her knees :)
I decided to just have 1 bar per week it's going to be my weigh in night treat when I get home :) xx


Cambridge Consultant
I have a bar a day and have done since February and it has never effected my weight loss.. We are all different, I would say have a few a week as a treat if your not sure if it will make a difference.

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