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Question for all plus sized ladeez!!


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I've never enjoyed clothes shopping and tbh don't do it very often (unless i need something particular) but i have a wedding to go to in just over three weeks and have been looking online but am at a bit of a loss as to where to start. Where do you plus sized ladeez get your going out clothes from? (as opposed to jeans etc) :confused:
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Hi, Evans at the moment but it depends on what size you are because if your smaller than a 22 then quite a few other shops stock that size. Next go up to some stuff in a 22, tesco's have a range called true marks and spencers do it too in fact quite a alot of places go up to that now. If however you need more than a 22 then evans, tesco and there is a small range in M&S but not great. If you go to a larger Evans store they do have some nice trendy clothing. Good luck. Zoe xx


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Tesco's do a plus size range
New Look do a plus sized range
George do a plus size range but their standard clothes generally go up to a 22/24
Peacocks go up to a 22/24 in tops and 20 in bottoms/dresses
MK One have a plus sized range
Dorothy Perkins go up to a size 22
Sainsbury's Tu go up to a 22
Bon Marche go up to a 20/22
Ethel austin go up to a 20

There's a few for you to get your teeth into. Can't believe I was still a serial shopper even when I was big!!! Hope that helps x x
Good Question, im trying to find my mum an outfit for my sisters weeding:
I have found the following to sell plus size clothing:
Simply Be
John Lewis

Hope this helps


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Also, try ebay!!
TJ maxx near me has a plus size isle and they have some nice dresses :) Hope you find what you are looking for- i may also add TJ maxx have some god awful dresses- so a lot of sifting needed!


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what size you after hun?
My mate just bought a lovely dress, size 24, off ebay for a tenner for a wedding!
If its for a wedding, then the chances are you wont be wearing it again between then and goal weight....so why waste your money on something stuipdly expensive....
I would def go for ebay....esp as its then in the comfort of your own home when you get to try the clothes on...if it doesnt fit, re-sell it and buy something different!
Hope that helps hun and you find something fabulous!!


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Thanks guys! I'm searching ebay as we speak.....have seen some nice ones on the Monsoon website but i don't wanna spend a fortune on a dress i'm only gonna wear the once. Thanks for all the advice.
Hi Rayvan

There are quite a few Monsoon dresses on ebay!

What size are you after, as I have a couple of monsoon dresses I won't wear again?!

hi all,just being nosey, what size does monsoon go up to? i've turned into a serial shopper since cd lol!
good luck finding an outfit x


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Try, Ann harvey online or, Simply be, Oxendales, Classic confidence the last 3 go up to a size 32.
Hope this helps


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Well at the moment i'd be a 22 in Monsoon (which is the largest they go up to) but i'm hoping i might get into a 20 but i think thats just wishful thinking. There are quite a lot on ebay - i don't really do dresses so this is a new experience for me!

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