Question For CD Experts ?


Hi all I have a Q

I started the CD about six weeks ago now and so far so good with a 32lb loss to date. I deliberately didn’t do any exercise for the first 4 weeks because I wanted to see how my body reacted to the diet, I’m glad to say everything’s fine.

I am now starting to pick up the exercise regime again in the form of weights and running. I am considering taking a protein drink on top of my diet shakes. The drink is only mixed with water so I don’t think that it would have much if any impact on the fat burning but would help with the muscle loss / build. I have read on many sites that if you are on any kind of calorie reduction diet you should take extra protein to help with the muscle loss also.

This is the product what do you think? Any views out there ??????

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Not 100% but I would say no.You get the daily requirements of protein from the packs,and you would be adding extra kcals.If it was me I would def. not have it.
Hopefully someone with more experance will be along soon to let you know.
Well done on your 32lb loss

You do get all the nutrition from the packs and providing you have fat stores these will be used for energy, after all that is what fat is excess energy i.e. food that has been laid down as a reserve.

You could if you really wanted to have an extra CD but I would not recommend you take anything else. What is your current BMI?

You still have fat reserves so the packs should be sufficient if your BMI had been much lower probably changing to CD plus food would have been a good option.