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Question for CDC's

I am applying to be a counsellor in August and I can't wait. This diet has changed my life and I have bought some 12's and 14's for my holiday! Can you believe it. lol.

I wanted to ask a few of you how long you spend chatting with each client. See I could see myself setting up a room with comfy little sofas, putting the kettle on etc. and be in there ages!! LOL. Naturally this is great support, but maybe not quite brilliant business sense! Obviously the longer I spend with each customer the fewer customers I could have. But I would prefer everyone to be happy, than feel they were rushed in and out. I haven't been on the training yet, but do Cambridge advise you how long to make each meeting, and how many customers to have - or is it a case of as many as you can fit in?
Do CDC on here have lots of customers or is the average like 10 or 20 maybe?

When I go to see my cdc I usually am in a mega hurry to get somewhere else anyway! Busy life. lol. I tend to go in, tell her how i have done, hop on scales, usually refuse to be measured because I can't be bothered with the faff of the tape measure, give her my list, grab my stuff and ...away. All in about 20 min max. LOL
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i get cosy and chat for ages... no point rushing anyone. you are there for them at the end of the day!

not great business sense i know, but then again i dont treat this as a business... i enjoy myself and make sure my ladies do too!

So do you make sure you have at least an hour between appointments? I like the idea of chatting and meeting new people.
yeah kinda... i know which ladies love to chat and i leave about 45-60 mins between appts.

some peeps like to weigh and go and thats fine but the majority stay a while.

i dont like to cut them off mid-rant so i let them talk and then i get talking lol... and before you know it half and hour has been and gone.

then the weighing and choosing shakes etc takes another 15 for example.

i find it rather therapeutic and can relate to everyone, and i always learn new things from them too!


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