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Am still thinking about this CD thing. If I do it I would want to start on the CD 790 - I just feel that would be best option for me.

This is my question - I joined a Hysterectomy Forum as I am looking at possibility of needing one, probably at beginning of next year. The reaction of some of the ladies who have had this op was that cambridge is not a good way to lose weight before surgery as it lacks the nutrients required to have the body as fit as possible for surgery, which is very important.
Also have read tons of stuff about people putting on weight after this op because of lowered metabolism after major surgery and so on, wouldn't this be worse after a VLCD?
I don't know what to do! Help please!

Thanks Louise
I disagree that it is bad to do it before as you get the RDA of all you need but saying that you need to have completed maintenance before the operation.

After the operation you will need to wait 3 months before starting CD again.

As far as a slower metabolism after surgery I have read this is due to the sedentary nature of recovery as opposed to any change in your body structure.

And 790 sounds like a great idea! A very effective way of losing weight fast, safely and with hunger protection.

Go for it!

If you were having cosmetic surgery ie tummy tuck or breast implant/reduction you would need to have completed maintenance. For a hysterectomy you just need to be off CD for a few weeks prior to surgery as as Mike said before you will not be able to do any CD programme for a minimum of three months.

Otherwise if you went straight from sole source to an operation and then onto normal food you would put quite a few pounds on straight away of glycogen which wouldn't be good so I would recommend going through maintenance before.

Dont believe the old wives tale that you put on weight after a hysterectomy.

I had to have a hysterectomy when I was 28 and I did not put on any weight afterwards. In fact I was at my thinnest for a long time afterwards and I felt on top of the world.

Dont worry you will be fine.
Hi everyone!

Well am almost six weeks out from my hysterectomy and I am doing great, feel very good and going for walks every day.

So I am thinking - I would like to go back on CD 790 but will have to wait another six weeks?

Will I have to get another signed form from my GP? My surgery charges £25 for this kind of thing which I know they're allowed to do, but even so. Saw my consultant last Tuesday and he was very pleased with me. But haven't even seen the GP; spoke to her once on the phone. Don't need to see her as was private for operation and v. well looked after.

Only trouble is - return to bad habits here, put on about a stone,(maybe a bit more she thinks, hiding behind the sofa) feel rather what American ladies call on my American hysterectomy forum 'fluffy' - guess we call it something else in the UK! Too much time spent in tracky bottoms I suppose!

Any ideas consultants?

Hiya Lou

My recommendation is to spend the next 6 weeks being very gentle with your food and eat lots of protein and avoid high calorie/high fat foods. Then if you are all healed then get back on the diet but you must wait that 3 months as the diet is not designed for a healing body so don't start before you are 100% ok.