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Question for Justin

I'm currently in the process of doing full on HIIT (run, jog, walking and all that rather than just walking/jogging). And I wanted to ask you for advice on what the best strategy would be. For example, how fast do I run? Should I do this for 30 seconds, and then 60 seconds walking like I do with the LIIT?

Also, I heard if you can do it for longer than 15/20 minutes then you're not doing it right. Is this correct? I wanted to sort of do this together with a workout program, ie. 15 minutes of HIIT and Ab Ripper X from the P90x workout, and then alternating with the yoga.

Thanks in advance.
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My typical answer would be to start on a 30:60 Work:rest ratio.

Run for 30 seconds, pretty much as maximally as you can. Give it everything. Then follow up with 60 seconds as light as possible (to get your energy back up)

This equates to 1 round. Perform 5 rounds, with 5 mins warm up and 5 mins cool down for the first couple of weeks.

Now, as I said thats a typical suggestion, but thats when its based around the rest of the program. Im not sure of the ins and outs of the PX program. I've heard a bit about it but haven't really looked it up. If you could tell me a bit about the frequency, intensity and volume of it that would be great (and may possibly affect the above Interval suggestion I made).
Thanks for the answer.

The intensity is pretty high. I haven't done any of the legs/shoulders/arms/back etc. yet, the only 2 that I've done were Yoga and Ab Ripper X, and those were pretty intense, most intense workout i've done actually. I've seen my brothers do the rest though due to wanting to bulk up and they've been finding it really tough. I'm not planning on doing the whole program itself as you need to have some sort of decent fitness to start it if anything and I don't think im upto that standard yet, but I'm just picking and choosing the bits I think i can cope with like Cardio X (which is supposed to be a watered down version of the Plyometrics), Yoga, Ab Ripper X etc. Ab Ripper X is the shortest, it's about 30 mins long. Cardio X I think is 60 mins long though not too sure, and Yoga is about 1hr 30 mins. I'm planning on alternating the Yoga, Ab Ripper X and Cardio (possibly). Tell me if you need more info.
Okay I still need more info. How much intensity you use (I.e - how fast - your inital question) would depend on the volume of your entire workout regime. It would depend on how many days per week you are doing it, what resistance work you have included, your current fitness capacity etc etc.

If you could just give a brief outline of your week that would be great. (i.e Monday -, Tuesday -, etc)
I always do my exercises 6 days per week so planning on doing HIIT the same. By resistance work what do you mean? Free weights and all that? I'd say im at a pretty decent fitness level right now.

Typical week for me generally was this for past 3 weeks or so: 40 mins on treadmill, 10 mins brisk walking, 30 mins jogging/walking-LIIT, basically walking for 3.5mph and jogging for 4mph. But these got too slow for me, and at first when I started on the treadmill the 3.5mph was a brisk walk, now it's barely anything, so you can see why I want to up it up as although my weight is going down, i dont seem to be getting any benefits. Oh and this was typical of a monday to saturday so each day would be the same, although some days i'd also do a workout programme too like 30day shred, but stopped doing that, because it wasn't hard enough for me. Oh and after i'd always do free weights, and lunges etc.

Sorry for the late reply btw. Hope that's enough info.

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