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Question for the people who have swapped from SW


I haven't posted for a while mainly cos I have been working like a maniac. I have always been of the belief that you should stick with the diet that you have chosen and not keep changing. I have been on the WW diet for around 20 months and I maintain around my target weight.

However my wife want to lose some weight and I have always helped her with everything she tries. She has tried WW and struggled with only 20 points. In the past she has done SW with great success and I think she would like to do it again.

Has there been anyone who done this from home and where did they get there info from.

I have decided to post this here, rather than SW as they will jump on it and hit me with all the pro SW and anti WW.


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I guess maybe buying any starter books they do on ebay? Or if you can get them direct? What she could do is just go to the first meeting and not bother again :giggle:
So ebay is the best bet then.

It also annoys me that you cant get these thing digitally. The age of books is over and if you could get this on smart phones etc then that would be much more helpful
I was toying between SW and WW. Never having done SW and hearing stories I was sold...so I bought the books from Ebay and guess what I am now back to following WW. It sounds easier and to be honest SW looked to me like you could eat a whole lot more and that would not do for me. I like to know when I have to stop and the points seem to be the best way to do this. Sorry if I appear to have gone off on a tagent - it's early. Sorry!!:confused:
Its fine,

We both done SW in the past and I think the planning that you need to do with SW is the difficult part. I hear its better with the EE days rather than just green and red.


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
It also annoys me that you cant get these thing digitally. The age of books is over and if you could get this on smart phones etc then that would be much more helpful
Never underestimate the power of books! :eek: :giggle:
Shabba my wife says the same, however book sales are down while ebook sales are on the way up. In a few years we will all be reminiscing of the olden days of books


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I never buy e-books. Waste of my time! I cant read them in the bath for one! I love going to the library and getting books out and im getting a lovely little collection of books as i get older :giggle:
sorry Manny but i'm with Shabba on the books.. though if i could i would defo have both :D i still want a Kindle! x
i did slimming world and I did not do well on green days too many carbs weight watchers teaches portion control from the begining and is healthier in my opinion - I lost 5 lbs on my first weigh in yesterday and am chuffed to bits - I have a load more to lose but will hang in there. Manny I love books but I know the e books are coming in but to hold a book and turn the pages is so soothing !!! Good luck to your wife
I switched from SW. I love the concept of SW but sadly it does not love me.

SW devotees will say it is brilliant that you never need to go hungry. My SW consultant pooh-poohed having to point fruit on WW. Yet quite apart from the portion control I found buying all that fresh fruit bloody expensive. Also I don't always want a piece of fruit, sometimes I would like a bar of chocolate without having to forego an ingredient in my dinner.

Having said that, extra easy is a million times better than red or green days.

Sorry, I've gone off on a tangent too lol.

I would join a meeting, get the books and then not bother going back. It is often cheaper than the £stupid they go for on eBay.
I do prefer the WW diet, however I did lose 3st in 4 months with SW. We could plan everything before but now the children take over and you can't really plan anything.

I am changing my own diet but that is to try and feel better so we will see what happens. Ebay prices sometimes are crazy

Thanks everyone for the input


soon to be skinny minnie
I love sw, but i just tend to over eat. I have better losses with diets like ww. I also feel that if i'm out anywhere on ww i can pick up a sandwich or something, when i was on sw that's not so easy.

Anyway i would check out ebay and try and get the most recent books as a few things have changed. Good luck with your weightloss journey x
I did slimmin world, and it worked but i lost weight soo quick one week i lost 7lb and the next i lost 4lb it was nuts... but as soon as i left it all went bk on again coz i didnt keep it up, i ate mostly pasta and tomatoes and Quron and thats bout it oh and eggs.. it was nice having lots of free foods, i still have my book if you want it its a bit tatty and goot all my stickers on.... I liked getting my stickers and certifacte(s) dont know if WW does that when you get to a goal. i think you just have to see what works best for you and what you can do for ever, you need to be able to lose weight, ive been doing weight watchers since tuesday and i have already been shocked at the amount of calories in food that i thought was heathy.


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
I liked getting my stickers and certifacte(s) dont know if WW does that when you get to a goal. .
Of course they do :D Stickers and a keyring at 10%!!
When I was on SW at the start of the year I was one of the "naughty" ones who found someone willing to give me the SW password and used all the functions of the website. Just don't ask for the password on the SW section of this site or they will jump on you from a height!! I also got the up to date books from ebay to replace my old ones as they are always changing the syn values and weights due to manufacturers changing recipes and nutritional content of foods.

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