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Question from a newbie

Hi All,

I have started the shakes today & I am on the 4 shakes a day + 200ml of milk. The question I want to run by you all is, do i have to take the 4 shakes a day? can i just take the 3 on SS? i was wondering if the only difference is the doctor's signature between the two?

I am struggling to drink 4 a day on my first day, not liking the taste at all.

Thanks x
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It depends if your a man or woman and if your a woman what your height is?
5"8' is the borderline for women, those above should be on 4 packs and below 3 packs a day so Im confused why you have been put on 4! Maybe because your bmi was close to 40? I started at 40.6 or something and just had 3 packs a day, Ive found it fine.

I think you should go back to your CDC and ask why? In the meantime if you are happy on 3, I would say stick to 3!
Whats your current BMI? If its over 40 you should start on step 3? Otherwise you can go on ss or ss+ depending on what suits you best! x
I only have 3, but I'm only 5'3 so not sure if that makes a diff??
i think you should definitely only be on three packs for your height and with your BMI you are borderline as to whether you will be ok on 3 or whether you should SS+ which is usually three packs and a v. small meal. either way, you shouldn't have to have 4 a day.

i would go down to 3 and if it doesn't seem enough, then SS+. the weight losses on both are supposed to be almost the same.


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4 shakes a day plus milk is SS+ (it can also be 3 shakes plus a small amount of listed food). So your CDC has put you on SS+

I can only assume that's because your BMI is over 40. Unfortunately, Cambridge say (since early this year) that people over 40 BMI souldn't SS or SS+ without a doctor's note, and should start (I thought) on the 810 plan.

it seems like your CDC is confused, or is bending the rules a little, and it's up to you how to proceed. If you want to do things by the book, see your doctor or go up to a higher plan until you are below BMI 40. ALternatively, you can continue to bend the rules, and either continue to SS+ as you have been doing (4 packs plus milk), or SS+ the other way (3 packs plus food), OR drop down to SS (3 packs and no milk or food). It's up to you.
Spangles is right 4 packs and milk is SS+ as well, just wanted to say that if you're not liking the packs you can replace the 4th one with a small meal.


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eaf said:
if you do have a BMI over 40 and just have 3 what will happen?
I'm not sure. Though I'm sure someone can assist.

The rules only changed recently. I start with a BMI of almost 45 back in January, and according to the guidelines at that time, I was allowed to start on SS (3 packs).

I think NICE changed their guidelines, so CD had to comply.
I started over 40 and on 3 packs Im 5 weeks in and perfectly fine and now my bmi is under 40!
well i am over 40 and on 3 shakes, she did say i can eat but i didnt have to. But i have some prawns during the day, just as a little snack to nibble when i feel peckish. but only eat about half the amount stated.
week one i ate nothing and was fine? I could go with out eating quite easily but i dont want to do my self any harm? or slow my weight loss down? Thanks guys xxxx

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