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QUESTION...I hope someone can help


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Ok I checked whether I was in ketosis today and guess what, I'm not. I am on Day 6. I may have been kicked out of ketosis by my nibbling on Wednesday. What I am worried about is that if I am not in ketosis then how come I am managing to lose weight? Am I in starvation mode? if not in ketosis then how much weight can I lose by Tuesday?

Thanks for any advice.

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I'm on day 7 and have lost 7lbs but my ketostix aren't going pink, I have no idea whats going on either! Maybe they don't work for everyone or something.....I don't know!!



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ketostix can LIE!! i can't say this enough. they are supposed to give us an indication but are by no means difinitive. if you are losing weight at the rate expected by cambridge then i wouldn't worry about it. if your body went into starvation mode you wouldn't lose so much.

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You will still lose weight if not in ketosis. As I understand it when in ketosis you just don't feel hungry & therefor don't have any of the hunger side effects such as headaches, dizziness and massive food cravings! You will lose weight but as you still feel hungry you are more likely to eat. Have you tested at different times of the day & are your stix in date? Just a few suggestions but I'm sure a CDC will be along soon to help you. Good luck x
I personally dont go much on ketostix, infact in 6 months on ss losing 7 stone i never showed as positive for ketosis ever.

As for losing weight , if you arent in ketosis you will still lose weight by eating less caloreis than your body is using , so your body will still burn fat for energy to make up the difference, this is how the 1000, and higher plans work.

cdc norwich


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Thanks for all the advice. I was a bit sour about not being in ketosis but I feel much better now.

It is possible to become too hung up on the ketosis thing. Packs/bars take you out of ketosis for a period of time, the bars for longer so don't test witin 2 hours of ingesting a pack. You will lose weight just as fast in starvation mode BUT you will be digesting protein as well as fat (this includes heart muscle tissue). This is why it is important to stick to the diet to the letter as it is the only way to ensure that body fat only is being used as an energy source. The odd blip won't hurt but regular cheating on carbs may well do. If you stick to the diet you are ALMOST guaranteed to be ketotic (but if you are very sensitive to carbs you may not be if on SS 3 packs and a bar per day)


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