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S: 13st8lb G: 10st0lb
i had a bad day off yesturday, prob comsumed 3000:eek: cals:break_diet:

but today i`m not hungry at all, still haven`t had anything to eat(been up since 7am) and am full of energy, happy in a ketosis state????:confused:

just wondering, if because i have been quite energetic, did 3 hours of hoovering mopping on sat followed by just walking all day, then this morn i`ve done 4 hours of hoovering&mopping(fast & strenous work out!)
maybe i have already used up my stores????
Any one know if this is at all poss, maybe i`ll come out of keto tom????
i have run out of stix otherwise i`d test.
gonna have a shower now, so will read responses in a bit.
I will make myself have a shake after too.

Thanks for any ideas:D
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please try again
S: 23st6lb C: 17st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 5st13lb(25.3%)
well hun just keep on going! if youve stayed in ketosis then brilliant, put yesterday behind you and keep looking towards goal

oh and will you come and do my house next? lol
S: 15st4.0lb C: 14st10.0lb G: 11st4.0lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 0st8lb(3.74%)
Some people can get away with an occasional blip, hopefully you're one of those people. Keep off the scales though, tempting tho it is and you'll probably still have a good loss this week!
hi - i am the same. had planned meal last night but no hinger or headaches today and feel cold so have assumed i am in ketosis. i don't think i'll get away with it again though. my next planned meal break is in 4 weeks and am hoping i lose next week despite the break last night.


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S: 13st8lb G: 10st0lb
i`m not planning on having a day off again now, i plan to be 100% as will be moving up plans soon.
i will be staying away from scales for a few days, as any gain will be disheartening.
i did find sarian`s thread where she had done the same thing too.
must`ve been a lucky day, for 3 of us atleast.
S: 15st3lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31 Loss: 2st10lb(17.84%)
It sounds like it is just me, but to be honest I would be more worried about how many calories I ate when trying to follow a vlcd, than I would about whether I was in ketosis or not. What is all the fuss about ketosis? Isn't that the Atkins Diet?
Ketosis is "fat burning" mode for the body.

Basically, the body quickly runs out of "instant" energy from digested food as you're only on 500Kcal a day. After a couple of days, it also runs out of it's backup stores, Glycogen.

After that, it is forced to break down fat to get energy from it.
So essentially, you are living off of yourself.

And with every Stone of fat being around 37,000 calories, and the averge man needing 2,500 a day, thats 2000cals of fat a day being burned up - hence the reason you can lose 7 pounds in a week to begin with.

Coming out of Ketosis only takes a very small amount of "regular" food i.e. Carbs, as that replenishes the Glycogen stores and the body doesn't need to break down fat anymore.

So Atkins is one way of getting into Ketosis, but really it's just about having very few Kcals a day, with very very few carbs, to force the body to use it's stored fat. And the advantage of CD/LL is that you still get at least 100% or your RDA of Vitamins, minerals etc. whereas atkins you are just loading up on Protein and not much else.
S: 15st3lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31 Loss: 2st10lb(17.84%)
But how come you can not be in ketosis and still lose weight on CD? Surely it is because it is a vlcd diet, not because of ketosis? I am rarely in ketosis, when I test, and yet I still lose weight.
you'll still lose weight as you are consuimg less calories than you are using. The difference being than in full-on ketosis mode, you body immediately goes to the fat to get energy, it doesn't use a bit from the food/glyco/fat, as it you don't have any of the first two.


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S: 13st8lb G: 10st0lb
i would just like to add that the cals i consumed would not be a normal day for me, it was my d2`s birthday party, we wnt out for the day skating/shopping/cinema. she had a few friends with her and i thought it would be nice for her (trying to hide choc etc from me, avoiding questions from friends etc)as well as me to just be normal for a day and eat the c**p thats usually consumed at parties.

i`m not obsessed with being in ketosis, but was just shocked as i ate alot of carbs, but still felt like i was in keto state.
S: 15st3lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31 Loss: 2st10lb(17.84%)
Hey Buffy I know it was a one-off and a planned one too, I am just interested in this whole ketosis vs low calorie thing. Well done for getting straight back on track.

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