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  1. M-azing

    M-azing almost skinny

    My husband cheated this afternoon, he ate a herring. He wanted to eat so badly and we supposed that something 'ketosisproof' food would be the best option. He feels like a million dollars right now, and this morning he was mr. Grumpy himself, so I suppose it's for the best.
    I think 450 calories is not enough for such a big guy (6 ft, 232 pounds), how do other men do that?

    (I posted this in my introduction thread, but because I can't change the subject of the thread and I fear people will miss the question I'm posting the question again. Hope this not against the rules?)
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  3. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    He should be on 4 shakes being a man which would make it 552 if strictly SSing...more if he has one of the higher bars (after 2 weeks)

    He might find it better to do a higher plan SS+ or 810, rather than add something off plan.

    It just might take a bit of tweaking to find the best option for him.

    Glad he's feeling better though.
  4. M-azing

    M-azing almost skinny

    Thanks for your quick answer.

    I thought so too. The 'rules' here in the Netherlands are completely different. We don't have all the steps, like SS and SS+, just 3 weeks SS and then AAM-week.
    We can add the bars after 2 weeks.

    I personally think the UK/US-rules are much much better, I'll talk with our CDC about it Monday.
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  5. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Whoops. Sorry. Forgot you were in the Netherlands.

    Yes. I would certainly think it would be worth talking to your CDC.

    Does the netherlands shake have the same amount of calories/carbs per meal as the UK?

    138 calories
    14.4g carbs
    2.7g fat
  6. M-azing

    M-azing almost skinny

    *checking the box*

    Same company, same trademark, same flavours, but different food content. Not really dramatically though.

    153 calories
    16,7 grams carbs
    2,9 grams fat

    This is of the box of vanilla sachets by the way, but I suppose it's the same for different flavours.

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