Question: not much to lose, want to do 810, is it realistic?


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S: 12st7lb C: 8st4lb G: 8st0lb Loss: 4st3lb(33.71%)

Well, I've been off the CD for months but I have a stubborn 1/2 stone! I'm 8st 5lbs now, started at 12st odds in Jan.

I haven't gained any weight off CD, in fact, I lost an extra stone but I seem to be stuck at 8st 5lbs! My BMI is normal but I could do with being on the lower end of it so forthcoming Christmas indulgence doesn't push me back into overweight.

I'd like to get to 8st, or a little bit lighter, like 7st 11lbs. I'm 4ft 11inches so that's not a scary thin weight!

I know that if you don't have much to lose, it's harder to lose it. How much do you think I'd lose on a month of 810? I just want to shift this last bit of weight! I tried low carbing but I'm such an unimaginative cook that it was boring! I love the CD shakes and I also find now I'm lighter I don't get hungry as easily as before.

Can anyone advise me please? Thank you!
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wow - well done.

can i ask what you eat in a day on maintenance? I am approcahing this and would love to know.

as for the 810 - i think it'll help with the last half stone.


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Hi Seanean - I am in exactly the same position as you, pretty much the same weight with the same goal weight. I am finding that the weight doesn't want to budge and I really want to come off this diet before Christmas so I have decided to work up the plans, see what I loose and if I am still not at my goal weight after I have worked up the plans then I will just calorie count to loose the last few lbs that I need! I think because I have so little to go - my willpower has completely gone on this strict diet and I would actually like the loose the last bit the conventional way so that when I maintain - if I ever do put a few lbs on over a summer holiday away for example then I know that I will be able to loose it the natural way if I calorie count the last few lbs of my weight off if that makes sense.

Because you have so little to loose, why dont you try working up the plans and seeing if that kick starts you metabolism and you will probably loose the last 7lbs you need to from doing that.