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I have been following SW EE now for some weeks, i started on my own at home then joined a club, paid up front for 6 weeks, which if hadn't i wouldn't have lasted 3 weeks. My c was no help to me, although did pick up some tips from other people at group.
My question is EE i can manage that on my main meal, even my lunch, it's my breakfasts i can't quite seem to conquer
I usually have 2 weetabix v little milk from my allowance just to soften weektabix then pour over ff yogurt and a piece of fruit.
Other days i will have boiled egg,yogurt piece of fruit, but that's not 1/3 of my plate?? what can i use to balance it out
Other days i will have Alpen light during the morning with the above.
Don't know if this is the place to post this question.
I'm also one of those slow losers :) but at this moment in time, i'm in the zone !! to lose this weight

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There's a thread called whats for breakfast that you might want to have a read of.

Generally speaking, for breakfast, try to Eat the superfree first. Or have a bowl of fruit, topped with your cereal & fat free yogurt. That saves you the milk as well. Good cereals for that type of breakfast are all bran, bran flakes, sultana bran ir fruit & fibre.


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And on the slow losing front- might be worth posting your food diary - especially if you didn't get a great deal of help from your consultant. I had a friend who thought eggs were superfree for ages, and i made a fair few mistakes myself when i first started!