Question re amount of packs..


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my little one is autistic and as such doesn't sleep much. Today for example he, and hence me, have been up since 4am. Three packs seem very far apart from then till I get to bed around 11.30pm and I'm wondering if its adding to my wanting to snack - any ideas on how to manage it?.

This isn't an unusual situation as he rarely sleeps gone 5am and if he does, he's not in bed till really late.

Lynne x
Hiya Piper

Why not split the packs and have 6 half packs a day. I always found the soups were nice with 400mls of water instead of 227mls as recommended which makes 2 nice cup fulls.

Another thing you could do is make jelly and snack on that.

Someone we know splits a soup and has half as soup and the other half as crisps - that could take you to four "meals"?
Maybe you could try splitting your last pack into two so that it lasts longer through the night?.. just a thought :)
Or if that doesn't work and you find you need an extra pack, have an extra pack, it won't do much harm to the diet and if it keeps you going through the sleep deprevation that'll only be a good thing.

I feel very comfortable saying this having read it on the official Cambridge site somewhere.;)
Thanks all. Haven't tried the crisps etc yet but will. I'll try splliting my packs first and see how that goes!

Lynne x