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Right, I will answer what i think, but please no one shoot me! They say that while in ketosis its dangerous to drink and therefore you should really follow the rules to the letter to be 100% safe! Although saying that, when i went to Dublin I never even did the refeed, I did the shakes right up til I went then ate and drank as I would have done whilst I was there, am still hear to tell the tale!!

I would think if I could swap from shakes to food/drink then if you do the refeed for 6 days then you will be fine. You have to remeber that they also say you should never start eating reall food until you have done the refeed either (as apparantly you must do this gradually as not to shock your body) and look how many of us have broke it with a binge! I am sure these rules are there for us to follow to enable us to return to normal lifestyle for a good reason, but I personnly wouldnt panic and I would go to the ball and be the belle of the ball at that and have a great time, you deserve it!
All I can say is that I saw a new person last night who did a VLCD two years ago, she lost 3 stone and was still on sole source when she went out from a drink, she drank Vodka and ended up in hospital for 2 days and hence stopped the diet.

Therefore just not worth the risk, your health is what matters, not having a drink.

Wait until you are off the diet or stop the diet and do the refeed first, please don't become a case study!!

but even if il be in day 6 or 7 of the refeed it wouldnt be safe to drink
Icemoose is correct, dont risk it!
At the end of the days its up to yourself, I reiterate that I did it and have done in the past more than once and was fine, but as always we are all different. It depends on yourself. What about talking with your pharmacist?
Pineapple is correct, risk it!:D
Your confusing me now fattothin!!

I personally wouldna class it even as a risk - look at how many people cheat and binge and are fine! But then I am not trained like icemoose is. So I can only give my person opinion not a medical one!

Just dinna go over bored and drink a litre of vodka!!


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I personally think its better to be safe then sorry. Icemoose knows his stuff. If you are no longer ssing and are out of ketosis then fine, but if you are still in ketosis then its not really worth the risk. If you really want to have a good night of it, then maybe you could come off the diet for a couple of weeks and eat sensibly, but it may be tough to get back into the diet once you've come off it. The choice is yours hun.

Good luck.
:( iwas so lookin forward to my ball!! must ask at nxt weeks weigh in!!
Alcohol doesn't make an evening, your friends and the atmosphere makes an evening. If you really need to drink to have a good time then you need to review it otherwise you might get problems with drink!

I used to go out on the diet and drink fizzy water and no one knew, and I used to have a really good fun night out, take loads of pictures for Facebook and laugh at my mates.

And in terms of risking it or not then your health is more important than a night out, if there is a 1% chance of you becoming ill because of it then surely you value yourself more?

Chat it over with the pharamacist but your health should be your number one priority!

i kno but i thought because its on day 7 of refeeding that i would be able to :( i kno drink doesnt make an evening cause iv been off it since xmas was soo lookin forward to a few!!!
If you could have it on day 7 then why does the guidance say you can't ?

You have done so well on the diet, I would urge you to finish what you started but the choice is totally up to you :)

i kno......... but day 7 is nearly day 8... life is tuf
Mike, call me old fashioned but drink makes for a great night out, mornings can be a bit pants granted, but heyho.
You are right though geezer health comes first. But please stop been so sensible and chill Winston:D:D:D
lol, ask yourself what you really want and then go with that decision and don't regret it as you made the decision.

Whichever way you will have a lovely time I am sure :)

But please stop been so sensible and chill Winston:D:D:D
I am not heated at all :)

Just trying to offer some advice based on people being safe.

I shall now go watch the TV instead
Only playing mate, ya do a good job really xx


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I am not heated at all :)

Just trying to offer some advice based on people being safe.

I shall now go watch the TV instead

Please please please don't go and watch TV instead!! We need people like you to give us help and advice after all you've done AMAZING MATE!! A real inspiration.

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