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Hi folks. Im on week 20 of CD. Ive lost 4 stone 6, and hoping to loose another 3 or so. Im really chuffed with myself, and everyone keeps commenting, but ive got 1 big worry.

Im really really concerned that once i get to my goal (if!) that i will return to eating and will put all/some of the weight back on.(As my CDC has) I no we get moved up plans to reintroduce carbs etc, but i want to change my RELATIONSHIP with food.

I once heard a very fitting saying, and that was 'some people eat to live, others live to eat', and i clearly live to eat. As much as id like to think that id have the will power and stamina to keep it off, i fell off the wagon week before last, and ate as if i would of done before i started CD,and that really really worries me.

Ive heard a few people mention about NLP? Can anybody shed any more light. Or to those who maybe had the same worry as me, and have managed to maintain for months/years?

Any advice/ help would be much appreciated.

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Hi just at the begining of my maintainance but things are looking good so far .I have found lots of foods I can eat without too many calories .Stir fry as long as i use a low cal sauce like chow mien or sugar free jelly can eat whole packet for 38 cals wow .Also a maringue nest is only about 60 ish cals with 0% greek yoghurt and some strawbs big pud for about 150cals.Do a bit of research on what fills you up for longer I find an apple fills me for much longer than 2 slices of toast and lots less in cals ,so its not all about as much as possible sometimes you just have to try it and see what works .
I still have days where i live to eat but I now have cupboards full of things to keep the cals down.You can do it just reasearch foods on the web there are loads of free sites to get info from and spend a bit of time in the libaray with the cooking books .Try get hold of a copy of change one thing book it is bassicly a eat for life book I found it very helpful .Read the maintance threads on here and try foodfocus for tracking your cals its free or weight loss resources is a better site but a pay monthly .Well waffled on to long as usual hope I was a little help xxx good luck mandy


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Congratulations and well done on your weight loss! 4 stone 6lb is fantastic!!!

I did NLP to help me stop smoking ten years ago and happy to say I have never smoked since.

I am thinking of going back and doing NLP when I reach goal to help me with the head stuff.

NLP is a fairly recent development, originating at the University of Santa Cruz in the mid-seventies when a group of talented people led by Richard Bandler and John Grinder came together to share information and insights across disciplinary boundaries. It incorporates insights from behavioural and Gestalt psychology, family therapy, hypnotherapy, linguistics, information theory and anthropology, among many other disciplines.
Here is a link that will help explain what further what it is about. What is NLP?

Also, Icemoose is now qualified as an NLP coach if you private message him I am sure he can tell you loads more about it.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks Mandy, thanks Mini. I really appreciate ure advice. Gotta come off now, but will keep an eye on my thread for more info. x x x
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