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Hi All,

I'm so cold and cant warm up - I really need a nice cup of tea.. The only problem is I cant drink it without milk.. Do u think a splash of milk will hurt?
I've tried green tea, black tea and pepermint tea and I reaaly dont like them!!
Has anyone else had some milk on LT? Did it effect you?
Help please !!
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mrs bee

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Have you tried the shakes warm? ~Might help!
Skimmed milk wouldn't tak you out of ketosis, I do it sometimes, but obviously not LT reccomended!!


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No no milk...skimmed would be the worst of all! A splash of full cream milk or even cream wouldn't hurt obviously, but it is the carbs (lactose) in milk that would/could affect ketosis...


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How about Redbush?
That tastes good without milk...

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
Well, I have been fine when I have done it, cannopt stand any milk other than skimmed lol, however still would not reccomend!!


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redbush tea is really nice or mint...i used to hate these sorts but you do get used to them and if there is nothing else to have, you usually find you make do with it and then you find you actually enjoy them! i havent drunk coffee in years because of caffeine, i drink (when im not on lt) something called dandelion coffee which is gross when you first have it but you get used to it and now i love id stick with it in my the shakes you start off hating them, but in the end, you get used to them and when you finish, a lot of us were actualy missing them

so there ya go!!! enough rambling on lol

h xx


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Someone on here had a great idea - not tried it though, mix up a spoon of vanilla shake in a paste getting out the lumps and add that to your tea? says she does this throughout the day and uses up one of the shakes almost, worth a try i guess.


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I use a spoonfull of vanilla twice a day in my coffee, you could try that in your tea.
I mentioned this to my Pharmacist the other day and she said its ok to use 2-3 teaspoons in your drinks, but you MUST make the remainder up as a shake.


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I was just about to come on here and ask about this as I cant drink black tea it was making me ill but need something hot as I was so cold means I can have a cup of coffee now thanks kered


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i reckon you'd be okay with using the vanilla as powder milk or something. but dont add milk! there's a reason why they said BLACK tea and coffee (something other than to punish us) dont undo your hard work x