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Questions about Food Packs

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Hey Everyone,

I am looking to start the LL diet this month, but i am a VERY fussy eater, i would prob only drink a chocolate milkshake and only a few flavours of soup and snack bar. Do you get to choose which flavours you can have or do you get a random selection given to you?

Also what flavour foods do they do and do they taste nice?

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Hi and welcome :)

Shakes: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and Banana.

Soups: Thai Chili, Mushroom, Vegetable, Chicken and Tomato

Bars: Cranberry/Raspberry, Peanut, Lemon, Fruit, Toffee

And there is a Porridge pack.

Personally, I liked every single pack, but just the Cranberry bar and the peanut bar - others were too sickly for me.

It all depends on your taste - and attitude. The packs are merely a vehicle to take us to our goal - they are palatable, not uber-delicious. :)

With imagination, you can make interesting combinations with them to stave off boredom - make them into smoothies, or even ice cream. Again - note the word imagination. ;)

Hope that helps. :) Its a great - FAST - diet. Changed my life it did.


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I'm super-fussy too. My weekly shopping list is 25 choc shakes and 3 bars (toffee or cranberry). I haven't even tried most of the others as I know I like the choc and it's part of my routine now. I in fact quite enjoy not having to make any decisions about what flavour to have, whether to have soup or shake etc. I have a couple of bars a week for when I am out and about at work and can't make up a shake, but quite often I will manage a full week just on the choc shakes. Worth trying a few tho to see how you like them.


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I have tried all of the shakes, some I liked, some I wasn't so keen on. But tastes do change so it is worth experimenting through out. For the last few weeks my weekly packs have been, 21 vanilla and 7 peanut but I am now on 28 vanilla, which I mix with 500mls of cold water and a spoon full of coffee, mmmmm!

Kat xx

Jo B

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I'm another one who has a limited "diet" - mine consists of 7 bars (3 peanut, 3 cranberry and 1 toffee) and normally 21 banana. Will sometimes have some porridges just to give me a bit of a change but I've been having that for about 19 weeks now! Strangely I am not yet sick of banana!


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another one here who has a pretty samey diet! Every day I have a peanut bar, 2 chicken soups and a choc shake.

I liked the cranberry bars at first but they got too sweet for me. I loved the thai Chilli soup for all of 2 weeks, and also loved the vegetable soup for a couple of months and then went off them. I think I'm going to retry them sometime but at the moment I'm enjoying my choice. I don't like tomato or mushroom soup anyway so didn't even bother with them.

You can get a selection of whechever ones you fancy and then if you don't like them your LLC can swap them over for you to ones you do like - as long as you can get to them in the week.


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I think its inevitable that you settle into a routine. Each week I have 7 vanillas, 7 bananas, 5 cranberry bars, 2 lemon bars, four veg soup, 2 thai chilli and a chicken soup. This gives a little daily variation, but not much!

I'm pretty happy not to play about with the packs as I quite enjoy them the way they are. Also because I don't want to be thinking of them as 'food', nor do I want to have substitutes for the types of food that caused me to gain weight in the first place. xx
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Hi there,
Like you I am a real fussy eater too - I don't even like milkshakes !!! I make my packs with less water so they have a more mousse like consistency (actually more like uncooked cake mix). The peanut bars are gorgeous & I've just discovered a love for the porridge too. I'm sure you will find something you like.
Best of luck with it - keep us posted
You can choose your flavours. They are palatable, but not generally scrumptious.
I got into a routine,
usually had vanilla shake for breakfast, sometimes with a spoon of coffee, makes a cappucino,
Chicken shake for lunch and supper with hot tabasco and a bit of salt,
Hot chocolate shake before bed with 2 sweeteners.
No bars for me, didn't want to be tempted if they were too nice!
Boring regime, but it worked for me.
Good luck whatever you decide.

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