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Questions for big losers!

Can I ask a question!!!

Today, although my weightloss has slowed some, I have noticed that my arms, my legs and my belly is like soooooo flabby.... like jelly!
It is actually disgusting!

Is this a normal process of the fat beginning to disperse.... I would hate to think I am going to be left a flobbybobby!

Anyone help??

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can see the end in sight!
I haven't reached goal yet and still have a way to go but I have noticed it in my arms and thunder thighs. Not bothered though as will tone up when I join the gym and get a personal trainer!! LOL I never thought I would utter those words. Don't worry about it, think of the health benefits of losing the weight and ignore the wobbly bits! X
Ohh yes Tilly-I know the feeling. Although I was fat it was solid fat-now it's all wobbly! The tops of my legs and my inner thighs are the worst-they're absolutely awful. Will really have to start on the pilates to try to tone them up a bit.
Yep I have that problem too, I remember when it first happened and I actually had to keep touching my fat as it was so wobbly... it did amuse me in a strange way... lol
er.... I suppose it must, my fat is now not so flobby, so I guess it has shrunk some as I now fit in size 12 jeans, so it must shrink as you lose the weight, never really thought about it before, once it stopped amusing me I forgot about it and got used to it. But definately not as flobby, so the more weight you lose the more it must disappear.
Thank god for that-don't think I could stand having jelly legs forever!
Actually my legs haven't disappeared as much as the fat around my tummy...


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Good question tilly. i've never been fit or toned whatever size i am so starting to think seriously about getting some plan of action going. Enjoyed my cycle at the weekend, i'm making big effort to take dog out more regularly and been promising myself for days i am going to dust off the wii fit. The wii somehow doesnt seem like real exercise (which is a good thing) but last time i saw practise nurse she said any exercise is better than none.
Could i ever possibly have nicely toned legs? Well perhaps but they'll never look that good as the natural shape is short and stubby rather than long and lean! hey ho


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I'm not a big loser (yet!) :) however when I start CD, I intend to do some low intensity toning exercises and use light weights. Hopefully, this will enable me to build muscle, which would fill out the extra skin and overcome the wobbly bits :)


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My upper arms are disgustingly flabby now, they look worse than before the weight loss! But I'm reliably informed that the skin tightens up after a year or so :D xx
Yeah, it seemed to go in cycles for me, weight would drop, then the jelly then a bit later the skin shrunk back a bit. Its never caught up completely but dont worry it will certainly shrink back somewhat.
I'm in a predicament now, theres still fat on my stomach and chest to burn but for me to burn it i'm afraid i'll end up much lower than I want to go. Its definately not just skin, as, as they say if you can pinch an inch then its fat.
I do arm excersises at night just before bed 3 sets of 10 to make double sure i dont get flappy arm syndrome! i have tiny weights (well they are quite heavy though!) and work my bust too..its worth it



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Oh Tilly, that's a great question. I've lost over eight stone now and still have a couple to go. However, I preferred my 'body' the way it was before, not my size or how I looked in clothes, but my actual naked body. Before hand, okay my arms and legs were big but they were solid and not flabby, now they are smaller but with gross skin hanging everywhere, it's awful. I have been looking into having an arm and thigh lift when I'm finished CD. It's my own fault, I should have been doing plenty of toning exercise from the beginning. I've started now though, and fingers crossed everything will start to get into shape, and if not, well I've already started saving for a bit of a nip and a bit of a tuck :) Does you think I've left it too late to get into shape myself?

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