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Questions from a newbie


I got my xenical tablets from the doctor today, haven't actually taken one yet because she said to start slowly so it won't be until dinner time before I take it, but I'm just having lunch and I have a question. I have a pack of Quavers, the nutritional info says 30g of fat per 100g, but the pack only contains 4.9g fat, does that mean I can have them or not?

And the other question is how does alcohol react with the xenical? Can I still have a few drinks?:)

Thanks x
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re the qwavers.. no...
you need to stick to foods that are no more than 5g per 100g. :)

re alcohol. it doesnt contain fat, so yes you can, but it does contain a lot of calories.. so stick to things that can be mixed with a diet coke or such like..

good luck with your weight loss. have a look around see what you can read up on... ahve a flick through the diaries to see what you can see others eating... and read the sticky up the top of the page on the xenical thread and you will find plenty of info on there...
Thanks Kes. This forum is a godsend, GP didn't really give much away when she prescribed them just told me to read the info in the box which was just like a basic "side effects + warnings" sheet...!


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there is a site... im sure somone will come along and be able to tell you what it is.. that also has loads of info... but read around here and you will slowly pick up on things :) it just takes time.. and we are all here if you want to ask questions :)


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hmmm..wondering how you can "start slowly" that doesnt make much sense :confused:

if you google the box then you should get the direct websit to xenical, although it really isnt that good,it has no information on the rules and offers very little more than any other website. this place has been the best source of info :)

good luck
bunny hops the doctor said to start slowly by just taking one a day and building up to 3.. I've never taken them before so am clueless, do you think I should start with 3 a day instead of just 1?


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the instructions do say take one with each meal (if it has fat in it..) but there is a girl on here who has been told by her dr to take them anyway regardless of fat content, as they dont have the most effective effect if not taken regulary...
i personally would just jump in there, stick to low fat and learn along the way.. see how it goes... :)
Well I've not got any on me here at work as I was just planning on having one with dinner but I'll start 3 a day tomorrow and just have one tonight.

I take it that when I eat in between meals the idea is that it should be fat free?


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ideally yes, things like fruit etc... although i did have a packed of camarmel snack a jacks most days... more stick to low fat, and make sure that you dont really go over 15g per meal...
so for morning snack i would count that into my breakfast. afternoon snack i would count that with my lunch. and if i had a pudding that would count in with my dinner... :) i didnt have snacks all the time, just when i fancied it :) there are loads of low fat stuff out there, and i tried (as i was doing slim fast...) to stick to 100 cals per snack
Think I get you yeah. So if I snack account for it in the 15g rule for whatever meal I just had, or am about to have? :)

I think I need to eat more of a breakfast! This morning I had an alpen bar which I think is about 1g of fat followed by a coffee.. would it be pointless taking a pill with that? :S


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i would have a look at my fitness pal its great and can work out how many cals roughly you should be having a day... but yes i would say you need to eat a little more at breakfast :)
i used to have weetabix, and fruit (like berries or such like) with skimmed milk... super low fat and semi cals, but i still took a tablet... it was more a routine thing.. just to get into the habit of taking them :)
Thanks I will have a look on that site! I find breakfast is the hardest meal of the day because I get up with just enough time to get ready for work so have to bring stuff in with me & it's usually a cereal bar or chopped fruit. Because I'm doing SW as well I have to save my healthy extra's for later on in the day which makes it harder.


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fat free actvia vanilla over some chopped fruit.. you can make it the night before if you wanted to and pop it in the fridge...


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Yep, i would get stuck right in and have 1 with every meal,i do.even if something has little fat i still take it.

i struggle with breakie,ive never had it but ive made it a habit to have something,a small amount of cereal or i supplement with a slim shake and i do the same with lunch as i cant eat heavy in the day,im not used to it..i eat cereal in the day too.

i have a good main meal,i pack it out with veg :)

as for snacks,fruit is a good snack, if you can avoid sugary things,as the effect wont last long,and your body will crave more sugar,you hit a crash then its a vicious circle...

that website for the xenical is map assisit

its not that good :D


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if you really are struggling with the sw and the xenical,getting things in etc... then why not consider a week off sw and see how you go with xenical alone :)
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Yeah bunnyhops, I'm sort of doing that! Got some WW ready meals + sauces, not really going to count syns just going to try to stick to the 15g rule and keep having my healthy extras. Sort of a mix between both plans lol. I need SW for motivation, WI and something to do on a Wednesday, so want to keep it as part of my life, but need to get my head around the pills too!


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i know what you mean about going to class, for motivation... i have that... i dont wanna leave... :)


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yep. i told her from the begining... she wasnt bothered. and she didnt need to know....

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