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Questions on re-feed


I am going to have to do a re-feed around the 20th of April before i got on a 10 day holiday.

Just wondering roughly how many oz's in an average size chicken breast? I seen I can have 4-6oz of chicken or fish so just wondering because i havent got a scales yet.

Also a tin of Tuna, do you use the full time of the normal size Tuna in brine.

Thanks in advance for help, nmm x
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I found 6oz chicken is quite a lot. A chicken fillet (like you'd use for a stir-fry) is about the size. I never used the ones with bones in, but I understand them to mean the weight of chicken on its own.
With the tuna, if you really drain a normal size tin and squeeze out all the brine, it weighs about 6oz. Again, it seems like a lot!
Good luck and enjoy your hol.
Its surprising how quick you will feel full up, especially in the first few days. Might be advisable to pick up a cheap pair of weighing scales, this will be better for you than judging. The tins of tuna will give you the drained weight on the cans.

Good luck for refeed.
Thanks Cathy

ah grand I would usually use one chicken fillet with no bones in my stir fry so was wondering if that was too much and I would always drain the brine so thats perfect too.. Can i use one cal spray on pan?

In regards to the small bowl of salad you can have with it, like onions, peppers, mushrooms etc.. is it ok to cook that and not eat raw as in a cold salad?

I will try enjoy lol can't wait but trying to prepare all this in advance so I can go back on it straight away and hopefully not put on much while away...
Thanks Kered, yea I will get a weighin scales this week, handy to have on in anyhow so want to get a digital one that I can use easy enough lol

Just planing my meals now a week in advance while I am so bored lol
I bought a salter digital scale last week in Argos, it was under £10 and I have to say its fantastic. You can keep adding food, then press the return to zero button. So much better than the non digital ones.

Try and stay away from the stir fry in the first few days, wait at least until day 4 then use the frylite spray.


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Yes, you can use a spray of that, I much preferred the salad/cooked salad to the veg, coz 3 tablespoons of veg isn't worth cooking. Have you SEEN the SIZE of a tablespoon measure!!?? :eek:
Making a little stir fry is a great way, but watch the amount of salad/veg like a hawk, coz that's where the dreaded carbs are. I used a small cereal bowl to put it in first, before cooking or plating it out.
oh great i will look at argus online now...

So would you suggest just salad with chicken or fish for a few days, did you do anything to you chicken or fish or just grill or boil and leave plain.. i suppose i could add chilli and garlic flakes maybe...

thanks again for advise
Yea Cathy i was looking at two tablespoons of veg and was thinking it wouldnt be really worthwhile lol would prefare the small bowl of salad instead... i suppose you could have a little bit of each in a bowl... with the fish or chicken...
Kered I had a look at your re-feed diary which was great help :)


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Definitely add a little flavour to your chicken, I used chilli flakes, black pepper and a bit of garlic. Made it taste great.
Great Cathy thanks, looking forward to it but kinda raging that i have to break from doing the shakes for the two weeks but sure nothing i can do :) hopefully when i get back i get back into it again and find it ok like have done the last three weeks :):) fingers crossed :) and here's to a good weighloss this week too to spur me on even more....

thanks again for help x
Glad its helping hun. Dont be afraid to ask any questions, there are a few of us on re-feed now.
Thanks Kered for you help, will just be doing this for two weeks and then back on the shakes...

thanks again x

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