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Hey Everyone

Well I went to the doctor on Friday and got him to sign the forms etc, he was a bit reluctant but after weighing me and going through loads of stuff he decided it would be a good thing for me. I sent the medical of to my LL adviser and am just awaiting a reply now. I was just wondering will she get back to me with a start date she did say in the initial meeting it would prob be mid September before we start!! I am so impatient and wondered what happens next after she gets my form?

I really want and need to get started I feel totally unselfconscious all the time and am so ashamed of how I look. I would like to lose 4.5 stone by February is this possible?

Sorry im such a pain with all these questions!
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Hi Emski,

It is very very possible to loose that weight before then.
Your counsellor should contact you with a start date soon. If you are impatient why not give her a ring and just follow up.

If you stick to the plan 100% you will easily make it by then. Just prepare yourself for a Christmas without the food. Afterall Christmas is about more than food.

Let us know when you get your start date.
Good luck.
Thanks, I think if ive not heard from her by Monday ill give her a call.

I am all prepared to go through christmas without food, i know it will be really hard but Im so determined. I have a book where I have started writting down situations where I have felt yucky to remind me why I am losing weight and things I want to lose weight for. I am a birdesmaid next year and in Feb we have our fitting for dresses so would like to be at goal weight for then. Its so frustrating having ti wait and I would like my start date just so I know when im aiming for to get prepared. im hanging out about this forum to get lots of tips!

thanks again


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That is all you need to succeed. You will be amazed how quickly the weight comes off.
The counselling is great too and just what you need to get through the tough times.


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Hi Emzski! I had a similar wait of about three and a bit weeks before I could start. The time flyed, and I am now on Day Three and have lost 5lbs! You will definitely do it by the time the fittings come round and look amazing! It sounds like you are in exactly the righ frame of mind - just have the next few days to get focused, clear your house of food (if you can!) and start cutting down the carbs so it is easier for you to get into ketosis with fewer side effects and withdrawel symptoms. GOOD LUCK! :D

Annaphylactic x

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