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Hi all, I am currently on lighter life but don't think i can carry on due to my new job. I have been researching other vlcds and have a couple of questions about cd if you don't mind. Firstly, is it a low carb diet (will it put me into ketosis?) and secondly, how much does it cost per week as i cannot seem to find out from the site?

Thanks a lot in anticipation of answers

Polly x

P.S - If it doesn't qualify as a low-carb diet would I still lose weight as quickly as I would on a low-carb plan?
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Slimming down the aisle
If you Sole Source, it will put you into ketosis yes as it's a VLCD.

Cost, it varies. If you're 5ft 7 and under you need 3 a day. That would make it a bit under £40 a week most likely. If you're 5ft 8 and above you need 4 a day which makes it about £50 a week.

They suggest there's an average loss of about 1 stone a month.


Slimming down the aisle
By the way, I have MSN and Yahoo messenger. If you have many more questions, or want to chat about the diet where you can get a faster more chatty response, I'm happy to talk to you! Obviously, don't have to, but thought I'd make the offer!!
CD sole source differs in the way of no CBT, no therapy at all, unless your appointed CDC offers it, which they dont have to at all.

Its loads cheaper, and the results can be the same. However there are different stages of CD that offer higher calories and will then not be ketosis based.

When you say you may have to stop LL, may I ask why, the principles of CC ss are the same as LL with the packs and nothing else, but cheaper.
Thanks for the replies girls. CD does sound very similar to LL which is great 'cos I have been doing really well on it and really don't want to give it up really. My reason for having to give up is because my job has altered (promotion) and I am no longer always available on my group night which is not fair to the others in my group to have me coming and going all the time. I am actually enjoying sole sourcing as it takes the stress of trying to control my food intake off me whilst I try to sort my head out....I will just have to continue the CBT by myself, there is a book called 'CBT for dummies' on Amazon!
I am nearly six foot so would need 4 packs based on what you have all said, at £50 pounds that would save me £16 per week!

Thanks for the offer a chat caroline g I may well take you up on it.

Polly x


Slimming down the aisle
I'm thinking of trying the CBT thing, have heard good things. I know I need to sort out my thinking! Well feel free to take me up on it anytime, it's no problem!


Shut up Ethel
In truth, I don't know what would be different in terms of your new job. CD is LL, more or less, without the counselling sessions, and with more choice of packs and plans as you move up through the higher levels.

What is it about your job that means you can't do LL?

CD: if you go for sole source, def a VLCD, definitely low carb (low everything!) yes you will be in ketosis. You need to see your CDC weekly or whatever suits in order to purchase packs and get weighed.

I'm just a bit confused as to what the difference is and why CD would be different to LL in terms of your job - its pretty much identical in many respects.

Edited to add: sorry, this sat on my screen for ages and then I posted it without seeing the replies above, so is largely pointless!


Slimming down the aisle
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Basically, it's about retraining the way you think. In this case, about food. Obviously if we've put on weight we didn't need as much food as we were eating. So why were we eating? It's about learning to think differently about food. Not seeing it as a comfort etc. Stuff like that!
also, the cambridge councillors can be more flexible, mine comes to my house and is always very sweet saying that she works around my schedule, which is fantastic since i work shifts- she'll come at 8 in the morning or 9 at night! Hope whatever you choose works out for you :)

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