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Questioon about the choclate

Carbs are very low in some of them, less than 2g. I had one last Sunday as I was shaky and weak and out in a shopping centre (hell on earth) and it made me feel better. Didn't have my third pack that day and still had a good loss. Wouldn't recommend it really though. And they are expensive either 99p or £1.29.


Fairy Princess to Be
Could be wrong, but I thought the Atkins bars were a low-carb snack as opposed to any kind of meal replacement, in which case you're shorting yourself on all the nutrients you need regardless of carbs or price. Not to mention the fact that the CD plans invariably work best in the way that they've been planned without substitutions or devations.
Can anyone confirm?
Yep you're correct. (It ain't rocket science is it? - eat 3 packs a day plus your water and bob's your uncle!)
The other thing of course is that yes, they're low carb, but they still have calories (quite a few, from what I remember!). Not only is low carb, it supposed to be low calorie as well. And the Atkins bars also have polyols in (like many of the CD bars)--so if you were to eat one as well as a CD bar--well, you could have very nasty :sick0019:problems...
About 130-150 calories each I think, I was nosying at them in Boots the other day, and that's where I bought the one I had at the weekend. But as everyone says, not a complete meal replacement.

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