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quiche disaster!


Just made a quiche with the following ingredients- it was awful tbh. It didn't have the gooey consistency of a normal quiche- it tasted like a very salty omellette.

Here's what I did:

Spring onions, unsmoked bacon slices, mushrooms, tomatoes, 5 eggs and 2 tubs of 250g cottage cheese

High quantities of eggs and cheese in the hope for a deep quiche which would last a few days...

It was like omellete consistency and really salty :(

Anyone have any advice on what may have gone wrong...

Thanks a million

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i use 3 eggs and 300g of cottage cheese and blend together maybe you used to much and didnt cook properly. mine is plenty and deep enough for 4 meals or snacks
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Yikes, I made the quiche too n yuk yuk yuk! Was absolutely vile, n then to top it off it made me feel very sick later on in the day. I don't think me and cold homemade egg recipes go together. I made sure everything was fully cooked, and it went a pale grey colour after being in the fridge overnight, thought it was going to be nice. I'm lucky I took back up food to work :sigh:
Yes I was really disappointed :(

Just looked at normal quiche recipes and they use eggs and double cream which is why it ends up so lovely and creamy!

Oh well... I've cooked alot of sw recipes all nice! Will give us one a miss :(
I hate cottage cheese, but actually love the SW quiche. I have never had any problems like you describe and it always taste pretty close to a quiche except for no pastry base of course.

I use a 500g tub of cottage cheese, and 4 eggs and blend it till smooth with a good strong cheddar cheese (as part of a HEa) - the cheese is important I think. Then I brown whatever I am adding to the filling and mix that in, pour into a quiche dish and bake in the oven.

I tend to avoid adding tomatoes, except for slices on the top, as I find they can sometimes release too much liquid and make it go sloppy.

If you want a nice quiche with a base, this is my favourite off my blog:

Roasted Red Pepper and Bacon Quiche | Slimming Eats - Slimming World Recipes

It is a bit more time consuming to make, but worth it.
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I have made the quiche quite a few times and always drain the cottage cheese to get rid of excess liquid which can make it go soggy. I love the quiche and usually have it with spinach and mushrooms or mushrooms and onions.
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I've never tried the quiche, but frittata or spanish omelette can be similar but without the base.

I made spanish omelette with par boiled sliced or diced potatoes, onion mushrooms sliced peppers with HE a of cheese.

I was going to use some for tea and take the rest to work for lunch next day (keeps 2-3 days in the fridge) but between myself and my husband there wasn't any left yum yum :)

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The first time I made a quiche I ended up with more of an omelette than a quiche. I tried just lightly mixing the egg with the cottage cheese rather than beating it in (which is what I was doing). It did help with the consistency, I think I was adding too much air to it before


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I tend to brown off whatever I'm adding.

I'll whisk 4 eggs then after add 1 tub of 300g cottage cheese, stir it in, add in ingredients (bacon diced up, mushrooms, broccoli and so on. Bit of salt, bit of pepper. Mix with a metal spoon and pop into a quiche dish! Hexa of cheese on top with slices of tomato!


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I recently made the quiche using 350 g tub of Tesco light choices cottage cheese with onion and chives,3 eggs and dry fried mushrooms and lean bacon, have to say it was delicious.
I make quiche and it actually turns out yummy!!

1packet of pasta n sauce: mild cheese and broccoli
3 large eggs
Fromais frais
56g low fat cheese

Make up the pasta n sauce as normal and layer into an oven proof dish wen ready.
Beat 3 eggs and add Fromais frais I usually add haf the tub.
Mix together, and pour over pasta mixture, sprinkle cheese over and put in2 oven at 190 for about 20mins!
It's beautiful with baked potato and salad!
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I Make it with 250g cottage cheese, 2/3 eggs and loads of veg and ham mix all together and then pop in the oven till top is golden brown. Never have any probs with it!


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Well perhaps your one doesn't come out like a quiche but mine does!

Look nobody here is trying to pretend that it is a straight like-for-like substitute (mine comes darn close though). This recipe and others like it that mimic full-fat products are attempts to make it easier for people to stay on plan when otherwise they might nip off to Marks and buy a quiche. To that end it is a great recipe. I had a filling, almost syn free vegetable quiche for lunch today. If you don't like this then what about a standard fritatta?
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Perhaps you could try using quark instead of cottage cheese? I find this a better texture. I use 3 large eggs to a 250g tub and it comes out very nice indeed!
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I did this today, have made it twice now! I use 150g smart price cottage cheese (low cals), 3 eggs, bacon pieces which I pre cook, and HEB cheese. Bung it all together and there you have it, 25 mins later. My little grandaughter loved it, although she isnt really on S W. She did have other things as well for calories ha ha.


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I love SW quiche....some of my efforts have been commendable....but not tonight.....but still very tasty all the same.............might try it with quark :bunnydance::bunnydance:

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