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Hi Val.
A great and easy recipe for SW quiche is;

A packet of Batchelors pasta and sauce (some are synned but really low)
Large tub of low fat cottage cheese (free)
4-5 eggs (free)
Seasoning of your choice
Anything else you might want to add to the quiche ie, peppers, mushrooms etc

1) Cook the pasta and sauce omitting the butter and milk keeping it syn free or low syns
2) Tip the cottage cheese into cooked pasta and sauce and stir well
3) Add any other extras you have chosen
4) Whisk eggs separately and then pour into pasta and sauce/ cottage cheese mixture and mix really well
5) Pour into a flan/quiche dish and place in oven (lowish heat! Sorry I don't do numbers) and keep checking til cooked!

Lovely with jacket spud and beans!!
Tastes delish....enjoy!

I make mine for red days as thats all I do.
400g tub of low fat cottage cheese,
5 (ish) eggs,
cheese (HEA)

Chop the fat off the bacon, grill it,
chop the ham,
grate the cheese,
put the eggs and cottage cheese in a bowl - mix
add bacon, ham and half of the cheese,
pop in flan dish and in oven for bout 20 mins ish on bout 200 ish (I do mine when Im cooking other things so timings and temperatures are rough!) When its almost done add the rest of the grated cheese on the top of the quiche, pop it back in the oven..... done! Eat it warm or cold! xxx
The one I did this week I used plain cottage cheese, macaroni cheese pasta & sauce and leeks - it was bloomin' gorgeous, even though I do say so myself!
I've got a couple cooling on the worktop as we speak ready for tomorrow's pack-up: -

chopped onion, diced wafer thin ham, 42gm reduced fat cheddar (HEA), eggs, black pepper, mixed herbs - topped with sliced tomato and baked in oven, gas mark 6 for 30-35 minutes.

It's a good job I'm stuffed after my "Burger Night" tea or I might have been tempted to sample some now - it smells delish :)

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