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Quick and filling eat at my desk lunches


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I work 6 hours a day but do not get a break. My boss has got the hump because I go off and make my jacket at lunchtime. He said I can no longer eat lunch at my desk. He did however say snacks are okay?!?

So any ideas as to what I can have for lunch that looks snacky and is quick to eat but also filling??

What a pain!!!!
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Hey :)
I have the same problem, I work 5 1/2 hours and do not get a break. I take in a mugshot, fruit and yoghurt and that seems to get me through till home time, I find mugshots very filling! Sometimes I also bring in leftovers from the night before too, hope you work something out :)
sandwich? pitta? salad box pre-made, pasta or couscous salads pre-made, carrots sticks, chicken and pepper kebabs ready to eat!

Good luck - he sounds like a nasty boss!!!
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he sounds like a jerk!! I work on reception and a vets for 5.5 hours an afternoon and although i can nip through the kitchen etc, often i cant as im busy with customers. I eat mugshots, fruit, homemade soup. Or pasta with chicken and sweetcorn thrown about in it. Can pick away at that all afternoon :)

Hope he ends up quitting and you get a nice boss...does he even moan about you nipping away from your desk to go to the toilet?! lol! xx
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Just found this on the direct.gov website:

Rest breaks - a break during your working day

As an adult worker (over 18), you will normally have the right to a 20 minute rest break if you are expected to work more than six hours at a stretch.
A lunch or coffee break can count as your rest break. Additional breaks might be given by your contract of employment. There is no statutory right to 'smoking breaks'.
The requirements are:

  • the break must be in one block
  • it cannot be taken off one end of the working day - it must be somewhere in the middle
  • you are allowed to spend it away from the place on your employer's premises where you work
  • your employer can say when the break must be taken, as long as it meets these conditions
So whilst it would seem that he is not breaking the law, I think it still makes him a right arse.
Just my opinion ;)
Why has he got the hump over you eating? :confused:


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To be fair to him. He has said I can have a lunch break, but we don't get paid for it so it would be taken from my salary.

His issue is that the full timers get a lunch break they don't get paid for and I have been going to cook my lunch and eat it at my desk and I do get paid for it.

I do see where he is coming from, but it is a real pain in the bum.

I don't know what he would consider acceptable or not. I am planning on ringing every night and asking him if the food I have for the following day acceptable lol. I'm hoping he will get so annoyed he will tell me to eat what I like


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I'm afraid this is where employers are crafty...I used to work in a council-run care home, and if you did exactly 6 hours you got a 15 minute break, whereas as soon as the shift increased to 6.5 hours you were entitled to a 30 minute lunch break. Guess what the boss used to do as much as possible!

Anyways...pasta salads are always good if you need to eat at your desk, as are cous cous salads. If he doesn't object to you getting yourself hot water then mugshots are ok. Things like salad with cold chicken/boiled eggs/ham/new potatoes/cottage cheese/cheese etc are ok as you can eat them at your desk. Slimming world quiche or fritatta are also possible ideas as they're yummy cold.

Ummm...chicken drumsticks are good to nibble on whilst working, or have some food bags with chopped up peppers, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes etc and have with some homemade hummous (sp?) or another type of dip.

Oops, just realised that pretty much all of these have been covered! Gazpacho is nice, although a bit cold for winter, lol!

Sian xxx


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Why don't you make a big batch of soup and take a thermos flask with it in, then you won't even have to move and can stick it in a mug

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