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Quick question about HEXA?


Strutting her stuff
Nope - never ever been told this and as far as I'm aware it is not written down in any SW literature. All they say is that if you don't use the full quoted amount you may not get the recommended amount of calcium/fibre/protein etc.
I agree no one has ever suggested that you must eat the whole hex except when I've read it on here! They may also have suggested not having two a's the same as a variety/mixing it up thing! They do like a bit of variety they do! :)
I have always used my hexa as 2 lots of milk. Don't eat cheese and like to have an extra bowl of cereal at night to stop me raiding the little ones treat box!! Never knew it was discouraged.
It isn't discouraged. It's one of these SW misconceptions.
You can use your HEX's on whatever you like and I think the "synning it if you don't use it all bit" comes from the fact that you may sometimes be better off synning it and using the HEX for something else.
For example, if you only use 125ml of milk, you may as well use 3 syns and then use the A choice for some cheese.
I often have cheese as my hexa and one of my hexb's and it has never inhibited my weight loss and can make such a difference to a dish like cheese and onion potatoes or roasted veg with cheese melt.

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