quick question about ketosis?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by luciec1, 9 May 2007 Social URL.

  1. luciec1

    luciec1 Full Member

    I brought some ketostix today & tested my wee & it came up as the dark colour but not the darkest does that mean im in ketosis?:confused: :confused:

    Lucie xxx
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  3. sash

    sash Full Member

    Yes. It should ideally be a nice rosy pink but not purple or the dark fuscia colour as this could mean you're dehydrated.

    The stick will always be at its darkest first thing in the morning then will be a lighter pink later in the day as you drink the water. As long as you can see pink then you're ok.
  4. alipally

    alipally Serial Dieter!

    Yep definitely in ketosis! As Sasha said try to keep the water up as being very dark isn't so good for you.....
    Also don't get too obsessed with it, I found myself checkin about 8 times a day when I first started CD.
    It's only an indicator of fat burning..... the colour doesn't really affect how much weight you actually lose on the scales every week.
    Well done for getting into ketosis, the fat is now being burnt off by your body as you read this!!!
  5. luciec1

    luciec1 Full Member

    oops im dehydrated then lol better drink more!! am i in ketosis tho or just dehydrated?
    Lucie xxx
  6. luciec1

    luciec1 Full Member

    oops sorry i missed ur reply! lol yay thats great!! thank you mate! im gonna get a litre down me now!! lol
    Lucie xx

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