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Extra Easy Quick question from newbie (consultant on holiday)

You've confused me a bit :confused:

You don't syn free food as its 'free' you only syn 'synned foods' like sauces, chocolate, crisps etc basically anything that isn't a free food has a syn value

Your 5-15 syns are to be used throughout the day or as a treat in the evening etc like a bar of chocolate or a glass of wine or some sauce with your meals etc

If you are following EE, you are suppose to snack on free foods to get better weight losses but you still have your syns there to use on whatever you like :)
I started 3 weeks ago and my consultant explained that foods are free but should be used for 3 meals a day only and superfree food for inbetween snacks.

How do i syn free foods when its eaten as a snack?
To me it sounds like you've just described the Success Express plan. Are you following Extra Easy? If so, you don't need to Syn Free food - it is what it says on the tin, FREE.

Snacks in between dont have to be superfree - quite often I'll have an Alpen Light bar (healthy extra b choice) as a mid-morning snack with a cup of tea, or a fat free yogurt which is free, not superfree.

Have another read through your food optimising book, it should make things a bit clearer. Hope this helps xx
Yep, you can snack on free food - I think it's just recommended that you snack on superfree where possible to protect your losses :)

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