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Quick question, please help?

Im on my second week of sole sourcing. Am i ok having the bars as they seem to have a lot of carbs in them? I thought we were not meant to have any carbs on this diet or have a got that completely wrong lol? Anyone help? Is there carbs in the mikshakes and soups? I thought u could not have carbs to stay in ketosis.
Anyone help with this please
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How many grammes of carbs are in the bars? :)

You can have one bar per day - and you're fine to do that, you'll still stay in ketosis!!

(If ya want the science behind it - To be sure of being in ketosis you need to be having less than 60 grammes of carbs a day.. Once people get over 60g they start to struggle with being in ketosis.. If you can get under 30g then you're pretty much assured you're in ketosis!

Shakes have 5g in, tetras have 15g... 3 tetras a day will be 45g - so still assured of being in ketosis.. (reason why some people struggle with staying in ketosis in 790 plan for example is half a pint of milk has 15g in - which very easily takes you up to 60g per day!)

So as long as your total carbs are less than 60g you're fine!!

hope this helps!)


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Apologies - I thought it was in your second week you could have bars, not after your second week...

Still have a lot to learn I guess... ;)
How come my CDC never told me i cant have them? She recommended them over the tetra's in fact!! Will this mess up my diet??! Only had one a day in my second week.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
All the CD products have a healthy balance of carbs included. You should only be in a mild state of ketosis when following the first stages of CD. It's not Atkins!!!! The amounts in bars are slightly higher, but have been formulated by brainy bods in white coats who even sleep in the lab (so I've heard!!).


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Hi JayJay,

The shakes/soups etc do have carbohydrate in them but in very small quantities. The bars tend to have slightly higher levels of carbohydrate in them which is why cdc's usually recommend you don't introduce them until after the first week or two.

As a rule the Peanut and Cranberry bars have less carbs in them than the others (Peanut 12.8g vs Choc orange 24.7g vs banana tetra 14g?I think?).

The level of carbs in the CD products has been carefully formulated so it does not affect the mild ketosis that gives us our fab losses but if you eat additional carbs this is what can throw you out.

Not the most technical explanation but I hope it helps.
Thanks everyone. I have not had them everyday only twice so far, one a day so hopefully i should be ok then. Only got them for convenience for work and alton towers when we go tomorrow. x

I'm just starting week 2 too and been having the bars (1 per day) for the last few days. I checked in the pink book and the only thing that I could find suggesting that we should wait 2 weeks for is the water flavourings. I've done a ketosis test today and still in the pink so totally fine. Please don't worry I'm sure the bars won't have affected your weight loss. Stay positive and don't worry about your weigh in, i'm really sure you will be fine :D


Thanks everyone. I have not had them everyday only twice so far, one a day so hopefully i should be ok then. Only got them for convenience for work and alton towers when we go tomorrow. x
1) you can't mange with no carbs at all. There are part s of the body that need carbs to metabolise. the ajority though can run like a hybrid car on ketones or carbs.

2) if you CDC suggested the bars there was probably a good reason eg doing hard physical work,maybe being near the height for having 4 shakes.

3) purely practical..like your trip to alton towers. easier to get a bar from pocket than to try to mix up a shake.

can'tthink of any more but there ar bound to be some

I'd ask her why she suggested. bound to be a good reason .

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