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Quick question regarding *Food Talk*?


Guess who's back...?
Helloooo everyone...

Just a quick question. As an ex-LL'er, we were prohibited from 'food talk' in meetings etc. And over on the LL board 'food talk' is also frowned upon as it can tempt people that are trying to abstain and do full VLCD.

I have noticed a few threads on here talk about food, and I know that there are different Exante solutions that include a meal... so it's hardly surprising.

I am definitely a sucker for reading about food, salivating and craving like crazy - so would be good to know if a thread is going to go all 'food porn' half way through - with recipes, opinions, how great something tastes etc.

I don't start until Thursday, but just wondered if there was a system (like over on the LL board) such as putting "includes Food Talk!" in the thread title so weak willed abstainers can avoid it!

My goodness, I sound like a right jobsworth now don't I!?! Lol. Just gearing up...

A x
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Unfortunately not. I personally don't mind food being mentioned, but I can understand how it affects others. There is the "Strictly SSing - All other diets" area which you neeed to request access to, but the last post in there was January, so unless you like talking to yourself, it's a case of putting up with people talking about food I'm afraid. :(


Guess who's back...?
Okey cokey, good to know. *Gulp*

I'm such a weakling. Living on my own I go into total denial mode when I am SSing... I don't have ANY run ins with food. Don't know how people cope when they are having to cook for families etc. Saying that, my old LL group used to think my life was hard because there was no one to catch me cheating... damn them for planting that seed!! Haha.

Anyway - will just approach with caution and peek through my fingers at new posts.

Out of interest, FBS, in your experience - are most people on here SSing, or is it quite heavy on mix n' matchers?

A x

(P.S. I fear we might have started a bit of a row about the Cup a Soups over on the other thread... just frustrates me when people think they know better than years of study! Grrr, grrr, lol)
I could protect you from the demons and PM you a list of safe threads at set intervals throughout the day!! :D

The majority of people do try to SS, but unfortunately there are lots of blips going on. I can see how one person blipping and then talking in detail about it could inadvertently make someone else blip. But it is good for some to get it out in the open, rather than keep it to themselves and completely fall off the diet.

I think the less said about cuppa soups the better. ;)


Guess who's back...?
Hahahaha. A pleasure to meet you, M.

It is true - an extraordinary amount of shameless cheating going on! And yes, better to air it than wallow in guilt, but people don't seem to realise it's a bad thing in the first place!

Yes - let's not mention those pesky Cup a Soups... *hiss, scratch*

A x
Food talk can be a killer. Food prep even worse. Cuppa soups can cause war, and talk of diet coke might tip me over the edge. But i guess we'll all get used to it :) And on a lighter note, were all human and its gonna be expected that we'll debate about things. Its not a bad thing so i hope we dont let it affect the support we can give each other. Wish you both Good luck! :) xx
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wow babystar you're being a lot nicer about this whole thing than i would have been in your shoes.

it's not nice to come on here and make people feel bad when all they're trying to do is get by in their own way on what is (for some more than others) a very very difficult plan. the way it has been said has been really bloody nasty as well. no need guys! if anything that viciousness and condescending attitude is what will push people off track completely if they're being made to feel like they should feel guilty for trying to make this bearable for themselves. i was really sad to wake up and see this this morning cause on the whole this forum is so supportive. :(
This is usually such a supportive forum but please remember Xante is not lighter life !!! I've spoken to them directly and they do not promote total abstinence in that all or nothing way - they have various plans to choose from all of which will lead to excellent losses.I hate the idea that people should feel unable/guilty and have to self edit their posts because someone else might weaken if they are honest - surely this is one place we should be able to vent/ confess/admit weakness???
BTW I am using exante and STILL eating conventional foods ON MEDICAL ADVICE as I am breastfeeding - I have despite this lost 7 lbs in weeks1 (previous loss on VLCD 10lbs). Food is not actually the enemy you know.
P. S apologies for the unsolicited opinion but have you considered that it's the all or nothing attitude that causes a lot of those who have done total abstinence vlcd's to regain weight with alarming speed - we're all on the same journey but the same path is not right for everyone
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Thanks guys. I guess i just dont like the idea of people falling out on here. I wont go down to that level, cos unlike some it doesnt give me any pleasure to make people feel horrible by speaking to them/about them in an underhand way. :) I visit my doctor once a month for a health check because of previous surgeries etc and being on this diet. If he is happy for me to eat what im eating (cos quite frankly bein morbidly obese is way worse for me lol) then i could sit here and argue the ins and outs all day but it wont make a difference. My point was clear, i do what works for me but im not encouraging others to do the same. If i deserved to be jumped on for that....fair enough, i can take that :D xx And as everyne has said, its best its left now andwe just try and support each other, afterall thats what the forum is centered around xx
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short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
I 100% agree, I was really hurt in a way to log back on after a time away from the forums (not the diet) and a little shocked.

It is a little like I said in a reply on another thread... we have to make the diet work for us... The dangers of being a lumpy loveliness weighed against what will make it doable for ourselves to keep on the exante path..
I think the thing to remember here, is that the important thing is to make sure you are able to sustain the diet.

No mad bad diet police man is going to come pounding on your front door, because you decide to add something to your coffee to make it more bearable.

You have already shown you have the comittment and belief in yourself and your will power to even take the first step onto this diet.

The choice is always going to be ultimately yours.
People can advise, can reply with what they may or may not do in your circumstance, but the final choice is your own.

If you can truely not bear to say goodbye to yor cuppa, then you have to ask yourself, whether this one adaptation will help you stay on the straight and narrow and within the guidlines for the rest of the diet.

You made the decison to undertake this diet as you are strong willed enough to know it might be a long journey but you want the end outcome.

None of us became overweight over night, so it stands to reasons none of us will lose it as quickly either.

Staying on this diet long term, can be hard, and to be honest if a little coffeemate means that you will find it easier to stick with it, I know my own answer to that, and it would be sat next to my kettle. (luckily i like my coffee black)

Remeber you will lose weight even if not in ketosis, ketosis is just a side affect, a by product of undertaking a vlcd. a pleasurable one granted, and not something I would ever want to be without! hehe
But we are all individuals and we all know our limitations.

I would much prefer to see you still typing here at your goal weight, than have you vanish off of the forums because you thought you were being 'naughty' with coffee... It is your diet, and you have to make it work for you, as long as you realise the scales may reflect any choices you make.

I am not adovcating anything.. before I am hounded hehe, I am just saying, it is more important to lose the weight, but without causing yourself to suffer unduely and give up.

xx good luck in what ever you choose and yes please do post the reply fromt he exante team.
Just remeber... there is no such thign as the diet police, we answer to ourselves.
xxxx _______
we should hopefully all just reflect a little again and remember this forum is not here to tell you what to do or how to do it.. but be a supportive network, and a place to share experiences.

Going back to the topic though....Me personally love food talk mmmm .. yummmmmy, I now live vicariously throug cooking for others and watching them eat. Even enjoy the smells!

Took a long hard few weeks though, my ketosis took about 9-10 days to kick in. So anybody having a little rocky road to start with, please don't be discouraged. All of our bodies are different, as were our diets previously, sometimes it takes time. We aren't all an average.
The most important thing was the fact that what was being suggested is not a sensible thing to and can be very dangerous for someone's health.

I totally agree that you have to bend the rules and work out what is best for yourself, but replacing carefully planned and balanced meals with something different, really isn't the kind of thing that should be done on a VLCD.

I know for a fact that if this kind of thing had been mentioned on the Cambridge forum, a CDC would have posted to warn of the dangers and advised that it should never be done when on any VLCD.

Regarding the posts last night, when sarcasm is sent my way I'll send it straight back. I admit that I should have been more tactful with a couple of my posts, but my point was a valid one and I still stand by it.

I am sorry for the upset I have caused and I will be leaving the forum so you can all live happily ever after.

Good luck to everyone.
Your point was a valid one which i stand by. I do not suggest that people change the diet, but i stand by what i do as being right for me. I dont think you should leave the forum thought because of a dispute as we are all here for the same reason, to give and recieve support and that includes you. I was just upset that i wasnt even on the forum at the time people felt the need to belittle me. I will retaliate to that as any human would, however it doesnt affect my ability to leave it in the past and forget about it.


Guess who's back...?

I'm not here to make anyone feel bad. I genuinely wish everyone the best with their weight loss. It's not about telling people what to do - but pointing out where things might be bad ideas as well as good ideas, surely?

I would expect someone to step up and tell me if I was doing something wrong (as they have in the past, many times!)

I also apologise if any of the wording in my posts sounded cruel or hurtful. I just thought it would be helpful to someone that appears to have been doing this for a very short amount of time to have it pointed out that what they are doing isn't a good idea for weightloss, health and the psychological affect modifying the programme can have - making it HARDER not easier. I am no angel, and I have made plenty of mistakes that have reflected in small losses (gains, even!).

I also stand by what I said - wasn't expecting quite such a defensive response - if someone had said the same to me only a few weeks after starting I would have been grateful for the advice. This has all boggled me quite a bit.

Oh, and I know this isn't LL, but for all intents and purposes it is the same - it is a VLCD. It is either full meal replacement or with one meal (like LL Lite)... it works on the basis of ketosis etc. As someone who spent six months on full abstinance from food, I have learned a thing or two and stupidly thought that might count for something on a forum like this where people are asking for advice, opinions etc!

Again - sorry if anything caused offence. I am still not entirely sure what I said that was so bad/wrong, but it has obviously hit a nerve and for that I apologise.

A x

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
Indeed, it would be a shame to lose anyone from the forum.
Especially because we are all so rather lovely and lumpy.

Everyone will differ in opinions at points, and as long as we are all aware, this is a supportive network, where personal opinions, and not those that should or should not be followed are key. We should all be able to pass comment if we agree or disagree, I think we should all remind ourselves to be tactful late at night though... bloody hard though when sleepy though hehhe

Stay and play mister soon to be skinny boy slimmmm
Your point was a valid one which i stand by. I do not suggest that people change the diet, but i stand by what i do as being right for me. I dont think you should leave the forum thought because of a dispute as we are all here for the same reason, to give and recieve support and that includes you. I was just upset that i wasnt even on the forum at the time people felt the need to belittle me. I will retaliate to that as any human would, however it doesnt affect my ability to leave it in the past and forget about it.
Well I think you took the post that was directed at someone else as being directed at you. So when you came back and started with your sarcastic comment, like you I don't just sit back and take it. But it's all done now and nothing can be changed.

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
I think maybe, I should explain that babystar has been successful on exante before restarting recently, that might explain the defensive side

going back to food talk! mmmmmmm black coffee in my hand as I browse 'our' (all of our forum-its lovely having a mix of differing views, it helps us see other angles, tips and ideals)yum

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