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Laugh in the face of food
Hiya, recently I've had this real craving for something savoury. I can't stomach any of the soups and my CDC had run out of the vegetable flavouring... Is there anything similar I can buy in the shops that isn't packed with salt or carbs? I'm sure my old CDC told me there was one but I can't remember the name. Hope someone can help.

Thanks xxx
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Laugh in the face of food
As if by chance I have some of the Marigold in the cupboard. I checked the salt content and it's not too bad, I've seen bottled water with more sodium in... I might text my CDC and see what she thinks.


Laugh in the face of food
Woo hoo, my CDC just texted back asking what the salt content was, so I told her and she said it's fine, just not to have too much in one day. One or two cups at most. Off to have some now, ha ha knowing my luck I won't like it.

i use the marigold reduced salt one and it's fantastic. i don't like the cd one as it tastes too salty.

i got mine in asda. i had to route around for it as it was behind the regular one.

i think a few health food shops might stock it too.


Laugh in the face of food
Hmm I'm still going to try and find the reduced salt one, just to be on safe side. But for now I'll just have one cup. By the way which Asda did you get it from?
portrak asda

as i said the regular one was in front of the reduced salt one. i think it was about £1.40 a tin.


Laugh in the face of food
Fab thanks Great, I'll go there tomorrow after work and have a rummage about for it. Savoury things yay at last!!

Wonder if somewhere like Holland and Barratt has the reduced salt one....
Let me know what you think of this i think i might get some too. I love the veg from CD but if what your talking about is nice i might as well give it ago if its cheaper. Mmmmm yum <3 xxx


Laugh in the face of food
Tasha it's gorgeous. Exactly what the doctor ordered. And definitely cheaper than the CD stuff - get some.


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i found the reduced salt one in the specialist section by all the dairy/gluten free stuff in tesco's, was hunting for ages to find it!
Just had a brain wave , as I have a tub of the CD veg mix and a tub of regular Boullion ... so I compared nutritional values .. the Bouillion has exactly the same salt and fat content as the CD one and actually has slightly less carbs :) so the normal one is fine girls :) and is yummy and cheap too am happy now :)


Laugh in the face of food
Oh Determinator you are a genius!!!! That's fantastic news saves rooting around in the shops! Happy days!!!!


hoping for a good loss
the thought just turns my stomach, but might have to give it a go. I crave savoury a lot of the time too


is starting to disappear!
And to think I've been buying the CD one. I shall be buying the marigold bouillion from now on!

Thanks girls x


Laugh in the face of food
It's so nice to have a savoury change. My CDC said she doesn't stock it because she thinks the CD one is too expensive when there are cheaper alternatives, but she said shed get them in if a client really wanted it. But I'm happy with my £1.40 Marigold. Just out of interest how much is the CD one and how big is the tub?

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