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Welcome and well done on losing 6lbs. That's not too bad considering we have had christmas and new year during that time!

Lots of speed and superspeed foods. Base as much of your meal as you can on these foods - think lean poultry/fish/pulses/beans and fruit and veg.

Reduce your syns but not below 5 a day.

Exercise a bit.

Do you go to group? Has your consultant spotted anything untoward on your food diary?

What plan are you following? If on EE, make sure at least a third of your plate is superfree foods - that's veg (not peas, sweetcorn, potatoes) and fruit.

Good luck!


Hi Jaylou,
Thanks so much for your quick response. I try to do a mixture of all 3 plans, but probably have more red days than any other. I do go to a group, but haven't been able to stay for the last few weeks, so haven't really had a chance to speak to the consultant. I shall try what you suggested, I get a bit worried that I'm eating too much! Still trying to get out of the Weight Watchers mindset I think.


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Staying to group is beneficial to your weight loss success so I'd really try to stay if you can. There's no such thing as eating too much as long as you are eating until your are satisfied and not stuffed!

Oh, one other thing which is now recommended on EE (and I tend to do it anyway) is to only snack on superfree foods. That could help too. You could also post a food diary on here in the food diary sub forum and ask people to check and see if there's anything amiss.