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Quick update on what I'm doing

For those of you who know me.

I started eating little tiny bits of food over a week ago, and now have ended up sort of half LTing/half eating. Very careful only to have small amounts of low or no carb foods - my ketosis is too hard-won and too precious to waste! Having 2 or 2.5 shakes a day too, depending on what I've eaten.

But it's going really well - I can't eat much, but I get the benefits of being able to pop something in my mouth without having an absolute fit afterwards. And I've lost 5lbs this week doing it, so I'm doing something right.

If I had my way and could turn the clock back to last week I never would have let food past my lips - TFRers, read that sentence again, LOL! It's like breaking a spell or something! But, this is what I'm able to do now, and I'm definitely running better and further on this regime than I was able to on TFR - just kept running out of juice at about 5 miles, and this is mostly what's kept me eating this time.

I still want to lose another stone, but am stopping the shakes in 2 weeks time as that's when the funds dry up, but am happy to lose the rest much more slowly by low carbing.

I'm now planning to run the half-marathon I was going to walk at the end of September, so my 'best of both worlds' diet is working for me and I just thought I'd share. It's just like living day 1 of refeed for weeks actually!

Hope this helps someone, sorry it turned into such a long one! :p
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I was just wondering how you were getting on WW's.

I'm so pleased to hear your regime is suiting you, I'm impressed, I know I wouldn't have the willpower to stick to that!

Keep us updated please...
Great to have an update ww, glad its working for you and yay to 5lb!! Also thanks for that comment to stay tfr, its hard sometimes and so boring but I have that end in sight feeling where I am beginning to wobble! No not going to, must stick to it. Good luck keep posting xx
Fantastic Waterworks. It is so much harder to do what you are doing than to TFR. You must have some will power. At the end of the day we are all different and it is important to do what suits you best and it really is working for you!

Fair play to you.... I wouldnt have the willpower to do it!

Niamh xxx
Thanks for all the good wishes. I find thinking of it as groundhog day one of refeed helps greatly! :D
Still working people - I have just over two weeks to lose my last four pounds now, and then I'm off to Atkins to maintain! :eek:

I love what lipotrim has done for me, but I'm counting down the last 32 shakes now! :p
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I was wondering where you were!! .. We started around the same time, but you have MUCH better willpower than i have, hence you are super-slim, and i am having to start again!! lol

You have done fantastically and i am sure you will continue to do so x x

:happy096: :happy096:
Thanks Su, that's so sweet. Your time is now though - I'm just squeezing the last few pounds off then the hard work of maintaining starts.

Good luck lovey. I'll be watching to see how well you do. :)

I was looking at your stats.. You have done tremendously.. I hope you are rightly proud of yourself x x

I am gutted i gave up when i did, but i really could not stick to it with 3 kids on summer holidays. I remember your encouragement when i first joined- so hats off to you hun, you deserve all the best x x
Nother quick update!

Two weeks on, I'm now eating full Atkins induction, although keeping the carbs well below than I'm allowed, and have lost another 2lbs this week, on top of my 2lbs last week.

It's going really well, I'm stuffed all day, and I had a fair quantity of wine tonight. And it's all legal! :eek:

I know I'm banging on about this, but seriously lipotrimmers, low carb is so easy and such a no brainer when you come off a VLCD - please do it! :D
a really inspiring post, thanks, waterworks. Congratulations on your success. absolutely fantastic, you should be really proud you've made goal xxx
Thanks little-me, I can hardly believe I've done this. Lipotrim has been a dream come true for me. I know I didn't have as much to lose as loads of really dedicated people here, but oh how I wanted rid of those 45lbs!!!

Still keen to shift those last 2lbs to get to my original target though - hopefully soon, and then I plan to lose another 7-10lbs slowly through my low-carbing before Christmas. Gotta keep at it! :D

Must adjust my ticker too. ;)
Oh I couldn't cheat I would end up eating for a month solid!!!what a dangerous game!!!! Well done for getting through it.omg if I lost 50lbs I'd be in heaven

Now to ask the forbidden question that everyone is dyen to ask.....what BITS of food and how much you eat during lipotrim and honestly did the results suffer on a weekly basis?
Hi WW, Thanks for updating us. so pleased that you have found an eating plan that works for you. I havent really looked into atkins but will go and check it out now the wine comment in your post inspired. :)

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