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Quietly getting on with it, but four burning questions...


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...about a few things that have come up recently.

I've been eating BIG portions, but of all veg mainly (still keeping the protein portion to about 150g). Have a plate of ratatouille, cauliflower rice, all followed by sugar free jelly, Total yog and berries. Well, some nights I've definitely overeaten because I feel uncomfortable and bloated. I'm staying the same weight wise, and don't want to lose any more, but is it really bad to be eating to the point where I'm stuffed, even though it's on veg?? I can't seem to serve less - maybe the plateful isn't as huge as I think it is, but still, I have the uncomfortable feeling for a while after the meal.

Number two question - I had Quorn meatballs with the ratatouille and cauli rice the other night - are these allowed (or the Quorn burgers - these are all gorgeous and so low in cals). I'm not putting on weight, but is it actually legal at week 5?

Number 3 question - I went to a party last night and could have officially had a glass of wine, but I purposely didn't drink because I thought it would be too easy to just have another glass and I also didn't know what effect this would have on me, so I'm going to buy a bottle of my pre LL fave white wine to have tonight and might have a couple of pub measure glasses later. I drove and drank diet coke (gorgeous and really cold so enjoyed this, even though was bloated like anything end of the night!) followed by a couple of mugs of black coffee at friend's pub! Anyway, the question was that at the buffet, which we stood right by for some insane reason - I didn't go near the sausages, bread, quiche, but the celery, grapes and pickled onions were shouting my name all night - I couldn't resist and the celery was absolutely flipping gorgeous (still amazes me that I love this as I could not bear to eat it pre LL!). Are pickled onions legal too on week 5??? I did ask LLC and she thought that I could have them as onions allowed, but I'm not sure about the vinegar that it's pickled in as it's probably got sugar and other stuff in it?? I had about five of them. Also picked some tomatoes and onion and rocket from the big bowl of plain salad.

Question number 4 - I stood and ate all of this, and definitely wasn't hungry - I only had the above, as this is what I stood there craving, and allowed myself to have it, but should I be more strict with myself and eat only when I'm really hungry??? I so can't decide!!!! It's veg after all mostly, but would normal slim people still not have eaten anything, as they weren't physically hungry for it??

Just edited to add - I don't ever really feel hungry as I remember hunger!! Does anyone relate to this??? I feel I need food yes, and it is when I've not eaten for a good while, but what the heck is going on - I'm not feeling that 'hungry' feeling, or really the full feeling either - until I get the bloating and look pregnant after my tea! I don't know what I'm trying to say, but can anyone empathise and what did you do about it to know when you are physically hungry or just craving??
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Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Hi Poppy

I think everything you have been doing sounds fine. I ate LOADS of veg at the beginning - piles of it. I checked with my LLC and asked if that was OK, or if it would stretch my tummy, thereby making me more hungry at future meals. S he said no, becuase veg is mostly water, it passes through us quickly, so not to worry and pile it on. So eating lots of veg is fine.

Also, the pickles onions should be fine too. And quorn as well - I ate that from the time we could have Tofu. Never had any problems.

The bloated feeling is probably just your glycogen filling back up, and your body having and processing food. It was a very strange, and somehwat unplesant and unnerving feeling - but as you see, your weight is staying the same, so thats your best indicator its going well.

I sometimes think I shold be stricter and not oick at something just because its veg. But then I forget too. :giggle: But yes, I do think it s something we should work on - just my opinion. Nothing to panic or dwell over, but it just reinforces discipline.

You are doing great! :)


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hi poppy
i popped over here to see how you are doing

sounds like you are enjoying cooking again - looking forward to the ratatouille and currys.

it seems a bit complicated back in the real world tho - so i'm going to hide back in developers a few more weeks lol!

keep up the good work, its great to read threads here as its preparing me for when i do go on RTM

daisy x
Hi PS, I too am having the same thoughts and feelings, I have just been to a kids party and stood next to the buffet and ate veg+++, but felt very angelic when the other moms were stuffing saus rolls etc and complaining about their weight. I have started to push some of my boundaries, deliberately as I feel this will help me be more normal in the future, I am trying not to get too hung up on calories etc as I don't want to be on a 'diet' for the rest of my life, as BL says if you are staying the same then you must be doing something right and this has definately been my philosophy.
On a final note I too have sucummed to the demon diet coke.
Keep up the good work

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Oh, PS, another thing I did that helped me not only begin to memorise visually what a portion size was, it made me feel like I was getting loads...and that was using a much smaller plate then I used to, or that my husband did. It forced me to keep things in check. :)


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