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quitting today and the new propoints plan


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MODS- sorry realised this ought to be in the quit smoking part, please move if needed

Alright so plenty of to-ing and fro-ing from me over the last few weeks/months about quitting.

I just can't justify the cost and ignore the health risks anymore. I'm smoking 30 a day at a cost of £10 a day or the best part of. I work full time and I'm a single mum of 3...seriously, I can spend the money in better ways elsewhere.

I have patches and an inhalator recommended me to by the pharmacist but isn't that cheating? This is NOT to knock anyone that has quit using nrts but someone told me if I was using them I wasn't 'really quitting'. I have 1 cigarette left and that's it. I will be sticking on a patch and going for it...but at the same time won't I have to go cold turkey off the patches anyway? Very confused!

I had been planning to leave it until after Xmas but after that comes around I will find another excuse to put it off until Easter or Summer and before we know it it will be Xmas again.

I might as well include the changes I want to make now while I'm starting the new propoints plan and ditch the cigs too.

Any quitters...how did you quit and stay quit?
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going to do it!!!!
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Hi there I started ww last week and have firs wi tonight and like you have decided that i cant afford to smoke anymore and so went along to stop smoking drop in last thursday. Ive ried before wih nrt etc but couldnt do it at that time, the nurse at the clinic suggesed i try champix and so im now on day 5 of it and still smoking feeling a litle sick when i have one though i really hope this works as i do hate being a smoker and even though i dont smoke in the house i really dont wan to set a bad example to my children ( 4 boys )
good luck with propoints and quiting smoking...you can so do it xx


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thanks hun :) I have been offline for a while internet probs so my dedication to propoints has taken a nosedive as I didn't have the info lol. I had 1 cigarette last night after craving really really badly, felt awful for smoking it but then when I went for a shower later that night realised my patch was stuck to the inside of my jumper :( not good lol


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Hi! I tried quitting a few years ago cold turkey and stayed off them for two years, although I couldn't sleep for a couple of days afterwards and was vey fidgety. However, last month I read Allen Carr's Easyway to stop smoking and haven't smoked one since, no real cravings either and felt like I did when I'd quit before the very next day, so I really do advise reading the book, even if just to pick up the helpful mind-set he will give you. Best of luck! :)


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Erin sorry hun I only just saw this and can't thank you for your post as it's too long ago. I did read the Carr book a few years back and quit successfully with it but then I had the dreaded 'just one' and was back to square one in 2 weeks. I've tried reading it again but it just doesn't stick second time around :(
well done on quitting though! xx


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I quit smoking in Sept 2009 using the patches. I never looked back. I think if I hadn't used them it would have been much harder. I never ever thought that I would become a non-smoker but I had a scary mouth biopsy result that shocked me into action!

Have you given up now or are you still smoking? Either way I just want to say that I know how very hard it is to quit.


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smoking is very difficult. i don't smoke[but have many other addictions.] my brother smoked and i know how hard my brother found it.

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I went completly cold turkey last new years day and i didnt find it too bad the first 3 days were actually very easy but then from the 3rd night for 6 nights i didnt get a wink of sleep :( so i purchased the inhaler which i used with out the filters when i got a craveing, i used to go outside and stand there with it for 5 mins like i was actually have a cig, the laptop and the ds helped me loads, i did well i lasted 5 1/2 months and then i had 4 deaths around me picked up a cig and been smoking ever since, i keep saying i should give up again and ive been trying this new year but i really dont want to, i never noticed my purse any heavier my finances were no different when i wernt smoking but the only plus was my chest was clearer and my skin was glowing :D:D When i am ready i will try again but in my head i dont want to so im going to give up giving up for now.

As long as you want it and your determined you will succeed, so keep it up and im sure you will notice a difference & Good luck.

O and also you may after a few weeks think "ill have a cheeky cig" and find that you dont want another one but after a few days you will and then you will be down to 1 a day then 2 a day, so when you hear "no dont do it" really DONT do it!


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i was smoking 50 roll ups a day and tried cold turkey, i couldn't see properly, impossible to concentrate on anything and felt absolutely awful.

i started on the highest patches and then moved down to the next and then the smallest and then off.
i went to a cessasion person who talked me through it and then gave me regular phone calls to see how i was doing. i could have gone to a group therapy session each week but that wasn't for me.

hope you manage to get off them :)
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hello everyone, i joined this site today. i coming up to 50 and have smoked 20-30 a day since i was 13 :(
i am using the patches and am into my 4th week without a ciggy. i also joined weight watchers 3 weeks ago as i know if i dont watch what i eat i will pile on the pounds and at my age, i know i'll have a job to loose it. the biggest problem i have is trying to watch my intake of chocolate, its harder for me than not smoking!!!! i lost 2lb last week and go for weight in tonight, im sure i haven't lost anything. good luck to us all, hope we manage to kick the habit and any advice you can give will be much apprieciated!!!!
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I quit smoking feb 26 last year. Was / is one of the hardest things I've ever done, but so worth it.

I smoked 2-2.5 pks a day for the last few years, but started when I was 15.

Quitting drove me and everyone near me crazy for the first several months. I had tried the gum, patches, etc, but what worked for me was cold turkey. I put-on a few more pounds and was a bit of a walking wreck, but month after month it got a little easier.

Now I only think about it in great times of stress or when I walk through smoke outside of stores, lol.

I wish you well on your n/s journey

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