Quorn Chilli


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experimenting at the weekend and ended up with this! Sorry I dont really have measures as i was using stuff "to taste"


1 onion
1 clove garlic
fresh red chilli chopped (take the seeds out if you dont like it too hot!)
frozen quorn mince
tin of baked beans
small tin kidney beans
worcester sauce
1 beef stock cube
chilli powder
(any superfree extras you want to add, i.e mushrooms, peppers)

chop onion and garlic and chilli and stir fry in fry lite. add frozen quorn and stir fry until it starts to defrost. add the stock cube and worcester sauce to season. add chilli powder and paprika ( i find doing this now gives the quorn more flavour.

add carton of passata (i used tescos) stir

drain and rinse kidney beans add to pan
add baked beans (as much as you prefer - this gives a nice thick sauce)

now add more chilli and paprika to taste, and also add cumin to taste (i was quite liberal the cumin makes it taste lush and this was the spice i have been missing in my chillis!)

simmer on a very low heat for about ten minutes and serve with rice and cheese as hexb.

YUMMY!!!!! Even the boyf raved about it!

syns - all depends how many you make this to serve but count the stock cube accordingly, or replace with bovril to make it free!!!!
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I do something very similar but also add some green lentils to bulk it up and add some extra speed


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I made this last week although used Vecon instead of beef stock powder as am a vegetarian and it was really lovely. Will be using this recipe a lot.
Anytime I use quorn mince it goes kinda mushy, what am I doing wrong? lol


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Oooh I don't know, mine has never gone mushy, what brand are you using?


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Do you fry it first in a little Frylight, I always tend to do that


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Vicki it doesn't need long to cook at all, when I first used it I used to have a mush problem too...so now i add it last to the pot & only cook it very quickly!


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I might try this tonight too - i love chilli - a bit worried that i'll not like the quorn but i'll not know till i try!