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Quorn Picnic Eggs ~ WARNING!


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Most days I don't have any syns, so, for the past few weeks, since discovering Quorn Picnic eggs, I have indulged in a whole PACK, a couple of times a week.

I was SURE I'd read on here that they were EITHER half a syn, or 1 syn each, so I wasn't fussed, as, either way, I was having only 6 or 12 syns total on the days I had them, and, like I say, I usually have 0 syns, which I know isn't ideal.

Well, I put on a pound this morning. Well peed off, as I'd sts for about 4 weeks now, so have been being really vigilent and eating plenty speed foods, and haven't eaten Aldi yogs for 2 weeks (Used to have 4-6 a DAY when they were free, so decided that THAT must have been making me sts).

Imagine my horror when I checked the picnic eggs online this morning...and they are 1.5syns each :eek::eek::eek: so for every pack I've munched, I've had 18 syns! OMG! Waaaayyyy more than the 6/12 I THOUGHT they were!

At least I know how to get the weight loss moving again...:rolleyes:

Just thought I'd mention it, as I'm sure some of you guys are also counting them as .5 or 1 in your diaries :wave_cry:

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Wow they are high in syns. At least you know where you went wrong though and will soon be back on track :)


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Hope so. Just as I'd started to feel the 3 stone mark was within reach, it all seems so far away again....gggrrr!
OMG I thought they were 1 syn each, ive just bought a pack, better limit myself to no more than 2 a day.
BUM! I thought they were 1 syn each too...... RUBBISH. Thanks for letting me know x
I think this just goes to show how complacent we can get about SW sometimes and some weeks when we don't lose or gain even, we are convinced that we have done the diet 100%, then it turns out something we though was syn free or low in syns we got wrong.

One thing my consultant always taught me was every so often to sit down and read my books cover to cover, it's only then you really read and do the plan properly and check everything


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They WERE 1 Syn. They used to be called picnic eggs but are now called scotch eggs and are 1.5 Syns. That would suggest they have changed the product so if you have old stock then they would still be 1 Syn.

Just a note on the STS-gain thing: If you have not been having your Syns then that could slow your losses down and cause the STS. One of the dangers of not having Syns consistently is that when you then have some Syns it can show a gain even if you are within the allowance as all your body knows is that it is getting more and it will store it. Pick a number of Syns and stick with it until you feel that you need to cut down for a kick start.

ALSO Tesco's mini savoury scotch eggs, reduced fat are only 0.5 Syns and much cheaper!
ALSO Tesco's mini savoury scotch eggs, reduced fat are only 0.5 Syns and much cheaper!
oooh yum! I'll have to get some. Thanks!
In case anyone's interested it's these:

Tesco Mini Savoury Snack Eggs, Reduced Fat, 12 pack, chilled 20g each

Original ½ Syn
Green ½ Syn



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But I'm veggie :`(
Crap - yet another thing I forgot off my tesco list this morning!


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Ooh yum so only 6 syns for all 12 - amazing! I will be buying these... if I can find them hee hee
NOOOooOooooOoo.....you've read it wrong! Turns out they are a whoppin 18 syns!



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Where did you get that from? On Syns online the Tesco reduced fat mini eggs are half a Syn each - 6 Syns for a 12 pack

That's it. I'm logging off for the day!

My mind was still on the Quorn ones :cry:


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That's what happens when your the ebayer for your shop, and have to organise 30-50 transactions a day, let alone the 'normal' 'puter stuff...

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