Quorn Sausages versus Quorn Pieces ??


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Howdee all.

Hope everyone is well today. :D

Have a question re Quorn Sausages and the Pieces. Does anyone think it would hurt if I had a couple of them tonight instead of the pieces ??



The calorie/carb content etc is not that much different. I know the sodium is a bit higher though!

Am doing the 790 plan this week again.

Its just have got the sausages already in the freezer and have run out of everything else, and trying to avoid the shops until Thursday when I break up!

What do you think ??? ok or not ??

Thanks in advance.

Deb x
i dont know either!!!!!!!
:D :D :D no worries.

I had my sausages last night for tea :) regardless so dare say the scales will say yah or nay at the end of the week. i have to say they were very nice too. ;)

I really dont think its going to matter too much as the compositions are so similar.

I know you can have the mince/pieces on 790, and looking at fillets they are not really any different so should think you can have those too.

If not, am sure someone will post correct information.

Deb x