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Quorn sausages


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they aren't too bad but i like the bramley apple ones best :)

I am not a lover of quorn at all - but I don't mind the sausages chopped up in savoury rice or in a roll for lunch. I find lots of onions help disguise the taste lol


Slow but sure....
I eat them Judi and they are not too bad, but I always syn some onion gravy to go with them and they taste better, I've not tried them for breakfast yet, but I should want a runny egg to dunk the sausage in think.....but they are free so it is worth eating them now and again, I hope you enjoy them.
i dont like quorn but love the syn free sausages from morrisons are lovelyyyyyyyyyyyy. xx
I love quorn sausages, although I haven't tried those apple ones. I shall now though.

You should also try the quorn peppered steaks Judi. They are lovely and free! :D

K xx
Not tried any of the BIG sausages, but someone posted recently about 3 new Quorn products (sorry, I can't remember who), one of which was cocktail sausages, cooked and ready to eat straight from the pack! I'm not a sausage lover, but they really are quite spicy and tasty, and will be very useful for packed lunches/picnics.

One of the other items was something like bbq chicken slices, which again were quite tasty though a bit 'soft', not with the same texture as chicken, and I've forgotten the 3rd type (not tried).

I think all could be useful - the only thing is the price!!! At £2.45 per pack (I think), to me that's a bit expensive! There must have been about 24 little sausages in the pack originally (sh*t, I got the pack out of the fridge to check the details, and have now eaten at least 3 whilst typing this, and that's on top of the four Ryvita Fruit Crunch I 'accidentally' ate when I got the pack out to compare the ingredients in Ryvita and Scan Bran earlier). As someone on the original thread said, we must all look out for any offers on these, and post when spotted!


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Quorn sausage are great coated in frylite n spices ,cooked and left to get cold,thinly sliced and used as a sandwich filling,or chopped to add to a pasta salad. I really hate the apple ones,OMG they were disgusting will stick to original.If you buy them from Iceland they do a bag of them 10 for £2
I am not a lover of quorn, but I occasionally make the sausages into a pie with beans and mash on top then they don't seem so bad - and even better it's all free food so I can fill myself up with it.
I like the quorn sausages, and meat pieces but they have to be HOT! Otherwise i find they taste a bit odd! They're great with SW chips and beans, or for a full fry up on a Sunday!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Thanks chaps! I'm undecided whether to have a cooked breakfast for brunch (if you take my meaning)


Starting Again!
Quorn with me is hit and miss, I love the chicken pieces and fillets, boil them up with some chicken bovril and or stick them in a stir-fry -fabulous. The burgers are nice too. Now I used to really like the cumberland's but I've gone off them recently. Conversly I never used to like the mince, but I made a lovely cottage pie the other day.

I think the thing is, don't expect any Quorn products them to taste like meat - it's just vegetable protein in nice shapes :D


Lovin it !!! :)
I have a freezer full of the quorn products - Asda were doing this for £1 that for £1 so I stocked up - quite economical some of it I think - I made a really tasty spag bol with a pkt of mince - made 4 portions from 1 pack & froze them for future


I LOVE ALL QUORN!!!!!!! I too have stocked up on them!!! I have a drawer in my freezer dedicated to quorn pieces, mince and fillets. I also have a drawer filled with bangers, cumberland sausages, apple sausages, tikka fillets, tomato fillets, burgers, peppered steaks etc etc etc!!!! LOL!!!

I can eat them as they come or use them in meals in place of meat!! Curries, casseroles, spag bol and shepherds pie!!



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I am not a lover of quorn, but I occasionally make the sausages into a pie with beans and mash on top then they don't seem so bad - and even better it's all free food so I can fill myself up with it.
I like this idea, I have found that Cumberland Sausages to be absolutely fine. I have just purchased some packet mash from Costco (had it before and its gorgeous - nothing like smash but I normally make it the fattening way)

Have got to see how syn full it is but I like the idea of a sausage pie.

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