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I found the Quorn sausages quite palatable and the quorn mince.

The swedish meatballs were o.k. too. The sausages need some ketchup on them and the quorn mince needs some kind of ragu or tagine sauce.

It is a personal choice; I tried the fillets and I couldn't eat them at all. The taste and texture - ugh! However, friends use them and seem to like them.

So, as its a new thing you may find a bit of trial and error.

Marylyn x
For purposed of AAM i use the plain fillets or the chicken style peices. Yummy.....but all quorn is scrummy in my eyes!
So on AAM week can you have any Quorn products?


Staff member
3oz (80g) of quorn,or tofu or skimmed milk cottage cheese if you don't want to eat chicken or fish.
wow, a nice alternative!

Can't wait!


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spoiled for choice:p
only quorn chicken style peices or fillets for AAM i think. some of the others are coated or have different ingredients in them.


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the quorn mince is lovely made as a chili con carne but its awful as spag bol. chicken pieces r nice in curries or anything!

the fillets and sausages r yum too!
how would you make a curry or a chill con carne?
follow the curry/chilli recipe as you would for normal mince/chicken. The quorn mince/ peices need cooking as per the packet instruction, but once its cooked just use it like the recipe suggests xx
so I can used tinned tomartos and kidney beans?
and make a proper curry?? (but with no rice I am guessing)


Serial Foodie!
yep, as keelie says.

also...try mixing up a tiny bit of honey with a dollop of wholegrain mustard. then using a basting brush, brush it on some quorn sausages and fry in fry light. its gorgeous.

awww i hate talking about food when im SSing lol
ooh, not for AAM week. everything has got to be plain.
so, just plain quorn with broccoli/lettuce/ asparagus ect

Do you have the pink CD booklet?
Karen, great suggestion for when im back onto 'proper food'!!
yep i do, so i guess those recipes are just for when you have finished SSing?
yeah, sorry!!!! if you start adding sauces etc you are very likely to come out of ketosis. the AAM week is designed to keep you in Ketosis whilst providing you with the health benefits of protein etc. I think it also helps to speed up your metabolic rate.....

we just have to dream about quorn curry for now!
I cant wait to make meatballs, curry, chill con carne mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Serial Foodie!
im sorry, im using the "new posts" navigator. assumed i was answering on a slimming world or weight watchers thread D'OH!

yeah when we can all eat again we can try those bangers lol

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