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Hi all

About 5 months ago we got a female rabbit from the RSPCA. She was found along with another rabbit in the car park of a National Trust park by a friend from work. Unless they were rehomed they would be put to sleep. He took one and we took the other!

For about 4 months Lady Barrington was a house rabbit but we decided to make the move to an outside hutch about a month ago and we can't believe the difference it has made!

Before she was grumpy and would try to bite whenever you went near her - now she is happy to come for a stroke (still doesn't like to be picked up) and each weekend we let her have the patio to rome about on (she comes out for a bit each evening but weekends are pretty much all day)

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RM what is your question?

I have Rabbits too and about to go into full time Breeding so i can pretty much tell you what you need.

About your rabbit at home. Most people have a misconception that rabbits enjoy being picked up and stroaked, this is not true, not all rabbits enjoy this and panic as they are creatures that dont like going airborne

You are doing well to win the affection of the rabbit and its clear she is starting to trust, just dont be too forceful let her come to you when offering food and sit on the floor with her, let her run about you and play, she will soon accept you if you are gentle


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:eek: I forgot to put the question! Took me ages to get the photos to work that I forgot!

We were thinking about getting another rabbit or a guinea pig to keep her company but wondered whether this would cause too much upset? I'm guessing not all rabbits like company?
Its a misconcpetion that guinea pigs make good companions for rabbits, they dont, its actually dangerous to put a rabi and guinea pig together, the rabbit can easily harm the guinea with a kick. Guineas like company of other guineas.

And can I just ask huseyin why are you planning on breading rabbits? obviously you care for your animals and Im not questioning that, but cant you see how many unwanted animals there are out there that purpose breading seems madness. RSPCA centres and rescue centres are full of animals needing loving forever homes - if people want pets they should get them from these centres and not from breeders.


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if people want pets they should get them from these centres and not from breeders.

The only problem with that is not everyone wants to rehome a rescue pet. They want to know exactly what they are getting and not inherit any problems a rescue pet may have.

I do think people should be encouraged to look at rehoming resuce animals but with everything it is personal choice.
but babies are born into recue centres all the time, my friend often takes in pregnant guineas and pregnant rabbits. I do see your point though, as it being personal choice x

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