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Race for Life

Anyone doing the race for life for cancer research this year? Or have finished it in previous years?

I am thinking of entering for May this year but have only just started the gym and scared I won't have the fitness to run :) Really interested in doing it though
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You can do it! I mentioned to my hubby that I wanted to give race or life a go and he scoffed that I could never manage to run 5k. A lot of my friends were runners and were trying to convince me to give it a go, so in March 2009 I went out for the first time and I couldn't even run from one lampost to the other, so I tried running from one lampost to the next, then walking to the next, then running to the next etc.

Forward to august 2009 and I completed my first 10k race in 57 minutes :D

Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can!!
I would absolutely love to do it! It is in May so could start training just now and build up my fitness - do many people walk it? I could maybe walk and jog. The other thing is I don't think I know anyone who would go with me???

thanks for your support and OMG doing 10k in under an hour! Hats off to ya :D xx
After reading this post i have been inspired to sign up for a Race for Life, should help me to get nearer to my 4stone target. x
Brilliant! I really really want to do it too. Have you ever done it? x
XxKirstxX said:
Brilliant! I really really want to do it too. Have you ever done it? x
Nope never, always wanted to as have family who have won and lost their battle with cancer but always felt too unfit to try. Slimming world has changed that tho, not sure if I will run the whole5k but will give it a bloody good go!!! You should do it. X
I'm in falkirk. I am going to sign up for the 22nd May in Callendar Park. Will probs be walking as well! lol it would give me something to aim for at the gym. Is it quite difficult? x


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I really enjoyed it last year, it took me just over an hr and a bit to do it in which for me I thought was bluddy great lol. I would love to do it again this year, I would never be able to run it but to be able to walk it under an hour would be great!
It wasnt hard at all although my legs were like jelly by the end of it :)
That sounds good. Did you do it with friends? My friend Cheryl who I have known for years is going to join me on it. It should be really good and the fact that you are doing it for a good cause and something that is close to my heart will spur us on as well! I am going to aim to be able to walk it without being puffed out so need to work hard at the gym! lol

Did you get a lot of people to sponsor you?x
I did the race for life last year, me and a very unfit friend of mine started training beginning of March, and we completed the race in 33 mins then went a did a 10k one 2 weeks later with no extra training!! Was great!! :D
I have just signed up! Doing 5k at Cleethorpes in July. I really struggle with running, so this will be a big challenge for me.
Wow thats brilliant! I am going to sign up on friday when i get paid. I have a couple of friends interested in joining me so should be good! Went to the gym today and I am so unfit too! I only managed to walk just under 2.5k in half an hour this is going to be a big challenge for me! Bring it on! lol x
XxKirstxXhave you tried doing the couch to 5k training? There's one for treadmill too! Give it a go! You'll be surprised! It's harder learning to run for 2 minutes than it is for 30 lol
I've heard about it but can't seem to find out what it actually involves. I just walked the 30mins lol I can't run on the tread mill yet xx
I am hopeless at running, but determined I am going to run all the way!
Good for you. I am hoping to maybe jog some of it as well as walking xx
XxKirstxX said:
Good for you. I am hoping to maybe jog some of it as well as walking xx
You'll have to keep me updated with your progress. What date are you doing yours? x
Yep I will do. I am doing it on sunday 22nd may. You too when you doing it? I'm going to gym 3 times a week but it is so hard just now, I just need to get my fitness levels back up and Im sure I will be fine with it.

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