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Rachel's brain dump

Lost 2lb. I have been drinking loads of water but perhaps not as much as I usually do. To be honest I expect water retention now and again and I just accept it as part of my journey. It'll just mean an extra week or 2 to get to target.

No takeaway again tonight (that is usually my Friday night treat) so fingers crossed I will have a similar weight loss this week :)

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Trying - very!
Well done Rachel - you are so nearly there. Keep at it!
STS this week. Bit disappointed as I have definitely lost inches. My consultant leaves next week and I really want to hit target in her last week. I am also in the running for Woman of the Year so next week could be a good week for me. Going for it this week and keeping my fingers crossed too.

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Trying - very!
Pooh - it's always disappointing when you don't lose. Even more so if you think you've been on plan. It just gets more difficult unfortunately towards the end. And inches - tell me about them. They're disappearing from me too but no lbs.

Good luck for this week. It's a lot to lose!
Well I didn't win Woman of the Year but I lost out to a great friend so I'm happy. I lost 2.5lb so didn't quite hit target either but I had been on mini cruise to chocolate heaven (erm... I mean Belgium!) for 3 days so that was pretty good going and I got SOTW!!

I will hit target next week with my new consultant. She had only been a consultant for a few months and had not presented a target award yet so I am hoping to be her 1st one. :)

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Well done Rachel. With that level of determination you'll do it next week.
Well that was a complete disaster!! I went away for the weekend and consumed a lot of junk food and alcohol. Since I came back I have had cravings for everything bad you could possibly think of and I have given in to almost all of them. So at weigh in tonight I gained 1.5lb. I now need to lose 2.5lb to get to target. Why couldn't I just have been good this week and got to target?! I don't know why I do it to myself!!

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The Curse of the Target is a well known phenomenon! Lots of people have a gain just before they get there! I'm heading that way too this week - we've got friends staying and I keep eating all sorts of non-SW friendly food! Not lots of it but keep having tapas. Grrrrrrr. Eating out in Spain is NOT easy!
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Good luck Pommette!! Socialising is the hardest thing for me but it's also how I enjoy spending my weekends. So are doing so well. If I lived in Spain I don't think I would be anywhere near my target!!

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