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Rach's bid to get beach ready!


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Hello all - Im new on this but have been ready through the boards for a couple of days and have found lots of tips, adivice and a few funnies so thought that I would do a diary to tell of my ups and downs (hopefully yhere will be more downs weight wise).

Ive always struggled with my weight - Being 13st at my heaviest and 9st 13lb at my adult lightest on my 30th birthday (which I got to with ww but only maintained for about 3 weeks!!!)- ive tried every diet in the book and after years of it came to the conclusion that a quick fix 'diet' doesnt work and a healthy eating plan is much better. I rejoined Slimming world after xmas and got back to a healthy weight (10st 10lb - which is a BMI of 25) - I would really struggle to maintain a weight much lower than this.

A few lbs have crept back on due to the gorgeous weather - actually the weather didnt put the wine, crisps, panini's with chips on the side in a pub beer garden etc down my nesk, I DID!

Ive got a beach holiday in less than 4 weeks now and whilst I know that I dont have a lot to loose - I want to feel good about myself this year.

I could so easily say at this point "I'll re-join when I get back from holiday" but that could So easily be a stone heavier than I am now if I did that.

Any tips/ advice/ chat very welcome

Here goes..........

rach x
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Hi Rach

Well you couldn't have picked a better forum to join. There are loads of diaries on here to nosey at that will give you loads of help and inspiration. I'm always noseying and posting on Ellebears (what the ellebear says - this is what the diary page title is). She is FAB! Such an inspiration and so friendly and helpful so have a peek, make notes if you want and post her a message.

Good luck on your journey, you can do it, believe in yourself.

Lots of love xxx ;)


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Aw, thanks saddlebags - the support on here is what really comes across. Ive seen Ellie's food diary and its real proof of how sticking to the plan results in amazing losses. Will have a nosey!!!

Rach x


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Ok, so Ive been having problems with my internet at home so I can only sneak on whilst Im at work.......

Was a good weekend foodwise, I did save 2 days worth of syns for a curry on saturday night but had free food for the rest of the 2 days.

Im in the middle of tarining for a run at the moment (Im doing the Manchester 10k this sunday and then a Race for Life 10k in a months time) so Im doing quite a bit of body magic!
I was doing NO running whatsoever until 8 weeks ago, having given it up after a 10k run last july but Ive built my running back up again steadily and was chuffed that I could finally run (albeit at a snails pace) for 60mins on saturday morning.

I am noticing that my body is much more toned since ive started but Ive read all sorts of horror stories about people not loosing any weight at all when doing lots of running so I will ahve to see how my first weigh in goes!?!

I do feel really good after being back on the plan though.:rolleyes:
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No running last night but BF persuaded me to go out for a walk with him instead. We walked for an hour, had a diet coke in the local pub and then it looked like the heavens were about to burst open so we powerwalked at some pace home again - was better than a run!!!

Quite nervous about tomorrows weigh in now, Im due my start week in the next day or two and am worried that a loss may notshow :sigh:, fingers crossed it will go well.

Work is a minefield at the mo, I work in a school and we have SO much rubbish left over from our royal wedding street party which comes out every break!!!! Am grabbing a cuppa and getting the hell out of there!


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Have sneaked on here to avoid the staffroom - armed with an apple and an activia yogurt!

The things I have to do to avoid chocolate digestives!!!

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