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One Day at a Time
Oh My God....

Now that is both unbelievable and unhealthy...

Please for any newbie out there... (Leah is sensible enough) don't think you should be aiming for a BMI of 18 - unless you want to disappear - literally!!


Taking Back Control...!!!
But you are an above average person chick.....:D

At the end of the day you loose the amount of weight YOU want to loose and whatever weight/BMI that is then as long as you are comfortable with it then your happy..... right????

My healthy weight should be somewhere around 11 stone.... but last time I did LL/CD I got to 13 stone and felt good - so this time I'm aiming for around 12 - 12.7 probably higher BMI than should be but I'm hoping it'll be a managable weight to stick around....
Awww, you lot are cute!! BMI 20 would put me at 7st 12!

Personally, i dont reckon i'll get below 9st even though my target is 8st 12 and eventually 8st 7.

Ok so i am a shorty, but i dont wanna be boney. I WANNA HAVE BUM!
LOL! cor, i love you xxx


Taking Back Control...!!!
I just gone downstairs to watch that S v S prog (and iron....:()...

That woman looks way to skinny and like the doc says her diet isn't actually doing her any favours....

I almost feel sorry for the big guy - raw garlic:sign0137: I'd be surprised if she has many mates smelling of raw garlic.....;):eek:
i like garlic, but 4 cloves RAW a day?!

yeah, thats why its my target.
BMI 20 - BMI 25
7st 12 - 9st 7

I dunno though, i may well just get to BMI 23ish and see how i feel xxxx
Nope, it was at the beginning. It wasnt him who said it, it was the lady who does the voice over thinger xxx
Yeah, i totally agree.

My OH is bmi 17, and eats EVERYTHING is sight yet stays the same weight. That woman tho, how weird was it that she didnt enjoy eating AT ALL?


Losing the baby fat
well i know he was 34 stone but i thought his attitude to food was healthier than hers!
least he had some passion in him for it, i doubt she had any passion for anything full stop. she looked so miserable.

i'd tell your Oh to be careful as those who eat everything and anything yet still dont gain... there time will come:cool::sign0151:
my brother and sister were like that, but as soon as they hit a certain age, bam on it went!

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