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Rainbows food diary

Now - Im hoping this will keep me focussed! So, Im starting from today.......

Red day
Brekkie - handful of strawberry's (f), special k (HE B) Milk (HE A)

Fridge raiders (1.5 syns I think) skinny cow ice cream (6 syns) can of diet lemonade

2 x alpen lights (HE B)
3 x extra light cheese triangles (anyone help with syn value?)

For tea I had steamed chicken (f), bacon (f) and melted cheese (HEA) tower with soya sauce yum yum. can of diet lemonade (f)

just had some special k with milk - think Ive just gone over my syn quota today, oh well, not by many and it is the weekend after all! x
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Red day

Brekkie - 2 x alpen light bars (HE B)

Lunch - breaded chicken wrap with lettuce(f) (syn the wrap and breaded mess! - dunno how many?)
and chips (Im annoyed cos I dont even like bloody chips that much! - syns) diet coke (f)

Tea - steamed salmon (f) with extra light cream cheese (HE A hehe!?) bacon (f) and melted cheese. 2xcans of diet lemonade (f)
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Red day
Brekkie - 2 x alpen lights (HE B)

Lunch - Chicken (f) with mayo (about 2.5 syns) on country grain bread (HEB) bottle of diet coke (f)

can of diet lemonade

tea - cheesey scrambled egg! (f and HEA)
2 X cans of diet lemonade

was an ickle bit naughty and had 1x milky way (10 syns ? cant believe I cant remember, its cos Ive got lax) AND a galaxy caramel (prob 10 again)
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Thanks Taz - wasnt sure how many, was maybe trying to make myself feel better by saying less than they are! xxx
Dont worry - its for the greater good xxx
So what's on the menu for tomorrow then? Have you planned ahead?
Nope - I dont plan ahead, I should do I know! ................ dunno what to have for brekkie, maybe have to have eggs as we dont have any milk! x


Call me Nicky xx
just want to say on the fridge raiders thing. online the roast chicken fridge raiders are 2.5 syns, yet in the tesco shop to slim book the same item is 1.5 syns????? I have been using 2.5 syns to cover myself.

Your menu's look nice Rainbow xx
Aw thanks Flirty x
Prob the least said bout yesterday the better - but I'l record it for the record

Red day

Brekkie - muller light yogurt (f)

Lunch - prawns (f) with a wholemeal roll (HEB) and a splodge of mari-rose (2 syns) choc toffee danish (off the scale on syns)

thorntons fudge lolly (12 syns ish)

Tea - grilled chicken skewers (f)

3 x cans of diet lemonade, bottle of diet coke

Hmm - it wasn't AS bad as I thought it was! x

Red day

Brekkie - special k (HEB) with milk (HEA)
Sometimes I think we THINK we have been worse than we actually are
very true - which I guess makes it an even better idea to record and then you dont beat yourself up over it x
Been away for a couple of days - wasnt too bad food wise, but am back on track now
Red of course

Brekkie - special k and milk (HEB and HEA)
Lunch - scrambled egg (f) diet lemonade (f)
muller light toffee (f)
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