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Rainy Day Food

*FOOD WARNING* DO NOT READ ON IF YOU CAN'T BEAR TO HEAR ABOUT REAL FOOD* Can you imagine how I've felt this week after cooking 3 different chocolate cakes as a practice for sons wedding. Melted Cadbury's etc. But the good news is I've just made myself a Marigold Veg Bouillon drink (like thin soup) followed by a Toffee & Walnut muffin and am having de-caff coffee to wash it down. YUM and still 100% SS. Check out this (copied) recipe. I didn't add the Splenda Tablets. Eat your heart out Jamie Oliver!


Ingredients :
1 VLCD Shake Pack
2 Splenda Tablets
Utensils :
Mixing Bowl
Microwaveable Ramekin Dish
Method :
1. Assemble the ingredients.

2. Crush the sweeteners in a bowl using the back of a spoon.
3. Empty the pack of shake mix into the bowl and stir until the crushed sweetener and the shake mix are mixed together.

4. Gayle is not sure of the amount of water so recommends opening up the tap to more than a trickle but less than a full flow.

5. Add a little water at a time and stir, the same as if you were making pastry or bread.

6. Keep mixing until the mixtures appears very smooth but not runny.

7. You should be able to make peeks in the mixture but not so thick that the spoon stands up in it.

8. Get the ramekin dish.

9. Spoon the mixture into the disk smoothing out the top because it will cook in the exact shape that you put it in the dish.

10. Put in the microwave for approximately 100 seconds in a 900 watt microwave but adjust for your own machine.

11. Turn over onto the serving plate.

12. Lift up the ramekin and you have a delicious (ish!) muffin.
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Serious bit of determination going on there babes - well done for resisting!!



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Well done for resisting eating any chocolate!! :D xx
Thanks Georgie, my halo is still in place! Loving your new white dress babe.


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Well done not eating that cake !!! I would certainly be drooling while making chocolate cakes like that so good you can resist eating it! Drooling is fine, just no eating hihi!

Nice receipe too, I will try it sometime!


getting slimmer
wow - well don for not eating any chocolate cake!!
my son and i made some last week and i coulnt resist and went downhill from then - back on it now though.
muffins sound good - might give them a try! x


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Well done for resisting.

Did the muffin taste ok without the splenda? I wanted to make one tonight but dont have the splenda (just been to sainsburys and asda too, talk about bad memory).
Hi Fizzy, the muffin tasted delicious, it was gone too quickly though. I made a muffin case out of baking parchment and lined a glass jug with it (didn't have any ramekins), it worked really well and next time I'll make with a chocolate shake.


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might give that a try tonight then. Im waiting until little madam has gone to bed which she is dragging out tonight.


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I made a chocolate muffin. I over cooked it but it was ok. I cooked it in a dish as I dont have a ramakin. Will get some splenda tomorrow and definatly try it again. Will borrow a ramakin from my parents tomorrow too.
Thanks Fizzy, I'm going to make a choc one tomorrow and will definitely use Splenda then. I was a bit surprised, and pleased that it filled me up for so long.
oh my goodness Hope - don't know how you managed to not lick the spoon. I have been avoiding all things chocolate since starting (well except the bars and tetras, but you know what I mean!)

Well done!
Oh my word that is my recipe from 3 years ago when I did the diet lol

Brings back memories!

Just to confirm that when I used to microwave the packs it was widely accepted that as long as you did 1 pack a day maximum then it was ok.

But have since spoken to the product development manager at Cambridge head office who says you should not microwave or cook any of the packs as it damages the nutrients.

Therefore please be careful if you are doing this as officially it is a no no.

Thanks for the advice Icemoose, I wish I'd read it before I made another muffin today. Perhaps I'll just have one a week. Great recipe though!

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